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I have an confession. It’s a doozy and may just change your opinion of me all together. I have no tech skills. None. So shopping for new popular electronics, like a television, means I need expert help that I can rely on. I have always started with Best Buy in my television and accessories shopping. The staff there is always very educated, informed and they always have a smile on their faces! 

Head to Best Buy for all of the Popular Electronics for the Big Game! #OneBuyforAll #CollectiveBias

I am a HUGE football fan. College and pro. So knowing I wanted to have a fun day of friends and food, I needed a television upgrade. My current TV was fine, but why not find the best electronics I can for a really awesome picture for a party? Plus, I really wanted my TV up on my living room wall. In addition, I have been hearing for years that I can seriously cut my cable bill with some of the new options for watching TV out there. So I needed help.

Before I headed out to Best Buy, I took a moment to look at their Home Theater Buying Guide. I was shocked at all of the amazing products that are now on the market. My television was at least 6 years old and I am amazed at what is on the market now!

Best Buy is Awesome for Popular Electronics and the Geek Squad Installs them Expertly! #OneBuyforAll #CollectiveBias

Everything from Smart TV’s that you can control from your Smart phone and tablet to surround sound options that would make a movie theater jealous, the options are never ending. Oh I was foaming at the mouth when I walked into Best Buy and made a bee line for the electronics and Roy, my trusty Best Buy helper.

Roy was so awesome! I mean, seriously awesome! He showed me every television in the place, every accessory that could be purchased to enhance my viewing experience and even helped me search online for the lowest prices on the items so that we could use Best Buy’s Low Price Guarantee. He ended up saving me just $3 on my Toshiba TV purchase but, hey, it all counts!

Best Buy is Awesome for Popular Electronics and the Geek Squad Installs them Expertly! #OneBuyforAll #CollectiveBias

He was never rushed, never distracted and spent the entire hour or so helping me. He also helped me understand that I could purchase ROKU and save on my cable bill, which was music to my ears. In finally choosing my 50″ Toshiba television (which Best Buy had marked down from $800 to $600!) and my ROKU, he asked about my viewing lifestyle. Did I play a lot of games on gaming systems, did I like to live stream movies and TV, was I an avid sports fan? All of my answers helped guide him to the product he thought best suited me and my kids.

Once I decided on the TV and accessory, we started talking about other services, like the Geek Squad installation process! I so needed help installing and hooking up all of the wires for the new TV.

Geek Squad from Best Buy is Professional and So Helpful #OneBuyforAll #CollectiveBias

So we scheduled it and the next day, the Geek Squad showed up on time and professionally installed my TV and ROKU.

Nick and his partner came in and talked to me about what I wanted, how I wanted things installed and explained about the holes in the wall and other issues I needed to know before they began work. They then moved my current TV into my bedroom and removed that one so I can put it somewhere else in the house. They reconnected everything and made sure my other TV’s worked before getting to work on the new one.

Then it was time to upgrade my living room viewing experience with my new Toshiba! Nick and his partner worked quickly and with smiles on their faces as my kids jumped around the room and ‘showed’ off for them. They hid all of the wires to my devices (you are not allowed to hid the TV plug so I have to get a cover) and re-hooked up everything cleanly and professionally.

Best Buy is Awesome for Popular Electronics and the Geek Squad Installs them Expertly! #OneBuyforAll #CollectiveBias

When it was time to teach me how to use my new television, they patiently explained how they had labeled everything for me, how to change from device to device and how to make the most of my new viewing experience. They showed me the parts that were left over in case I needed them for future use and gave me their card to call should I ever have a question!

I was totally impressed and thought the value of the service I received far exceeded the additional cost!

The BIG GAME is coming SOON!!  Hurry and get into Best Buy for the best and most popular electronics for your home! And come back next week when I share how I hosted some dear friends coming through town for the championship games and how impressed they were with my new TV!


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