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Being a single mom is the one thing I do right!

Four years ago I became a single mom. To this day it is the single best decision that I made for my family, after deciding to have my girls, of course. It has not been an easy road but I don’t think any family has an easy road. I approached single motherhood much like I do everything else in my life. Full steam ahead, no time for excuses with a humility that allows me to admit when I am wrong or have made a mistake. And I make a lot of them. My lifestyle leaves me with little wiggle room to sit and worry or contemplate how else it could be done. I am a single mom and that is just the way it is. In fact, it is the way I prefer it to be now. Angel Soft recognizes that every day, more than 12 million mothers and fathers are raising their children as single parents. That is a staggering number. While we all can admit to ourselves in those rare quiet times that what we do is pretty amazing, we also rarely have the thought that we are strong or deserve some recognition for our holding down the home front. Angel Soft, however, wants to make sure that every single parent, male or female, know that they have noticed!

Check out the video below that honors the every day hero known as the single parent:

Whether someone is a single parent themselves, were raised by one, or has been touched by one personally, Angel Soft wants to honor these everyday heroes and is asking people to share the video to honor the single parent in their life. Share it via FACEBOOK to a single parent you know too!

Being a single mom has been an eye-opening experience for me. From those lean years right after the divorce where I, literally, had to make $100 last an entire week to the challenge of choosing activities the whole family will love. Dinner time is about the same as any family. They never like what I make. But balancing the personalities, schedules, homework, school activities and everything else can be quite overwhelming at times.

Being a single mom to this one is a priveledge

I think the day I realized that single parenthood made me stronger was when I had three kids, home sick from school, deadlines looming and was starting to feel under the weather myself. I have three in various stages of stomach issues, nothing in the house that could help any of them and  no way to get out of my deadline. I started the day slightly panicked and ended it passed out on the couch with my middle daughter curled up in my arms. It was not pretty. It was not fun. But I did it. I handled it all on my own. That is the one day I would have agreed that I was a stronger woman.

I am really lucky. I have kid’s who make it easy on me. They are really, really great kids and they don’t give me any reason to really worry. We live a nice lifestyle thanks to my work on this blog which I can do from home and we have a busy, happy life. We have come a long way from being left with $0.72 and no milk in the house.

Being a Single Mom Has Made me a Stronger Woman and I want my girls to see that

There are days that we celebrate people and, March 21, we need to celebrate those single parents who struggle with the balance every single day! Share the video online and make sure you tag your single parents you know!