A few months ago I came up with the genius idea of putting all of my kids beds in the same room. It has worked beautifully and the night time fears and fights at bedtime have subsided.  Mostly.

Generally, I announce bedtime and it is met with “nooooooo” and “wait, mommy, I just need one more thing”.  But after about 10 minutes, I get them settled and the bedtime stories begin among the chatter of three little girls excited to have mommy read to them. Some nights it takes a book.  Some nights it take three books, two songs, seven “lay down!”s and a ton of prayers.  They are little kids, after all.

Sliced Carrots

Sarah, my middle one, has gotten in the habit of wanting a snack right before she falls asleep.  Usually a banana or pear.  I have even let her have fruit snacks even though I know they are terrible for her teeth.  Really, it is whatever it takes to get her to finally fall into slumber.

Sometimes, though, she requests really – well, ODD – stuff.  Like cooked carrots.

Yes.  I know.  I am looking for a therapist.

Cooked carrots in this house are sliced carrots in a can.  Really great for easy meals and mixing with rice and all of that jazz.  And when the kids were babies I used to heat up a can and let them pick at them for snacks.

So, really, this is all my fault.

Add that to the list.

But back to the story.

Last night, as mentioned, Sarah decided she wanted cooked carrots for her bedtime snack.  I was not going to open a can of carrots, heat them up, serve them to her in bed and have to deal with the mess that is carrots in bed.  So, I said no and offered her the usual.  To which she started to chant:

“Cooked carrots! Cooked carrots!  Cooked carrots!”

 To add to the excitement of it all, her sisters joined in.

Who said this same room idea was genius?

So I had three little girls, all chanting in tune, “Cooked carrots!”  It was music to a mother’s ear.  Not MY ear, but surely a mother somewhere!

I begged, I pleaded, I threatened to make them drive a minivan when they were 16.  Nothing worked.  The endless chanting for the sliced orange bedtime snack continued.  I am seriously not kidding when I say they finally all chanted themselves to sleep!

When  peace did fall over the house I felt blessed.  And like I had won.

Until Sarah woke up this morning, toddled into my office and said, “Cooked Carrots!!”.

After which she walked to the couch, sat down and waited.

I got up and made her cooked carrots.

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