Beauty and the Beast in 3D hits theaters this Friday, January 13, 2012.  And I can not wait to take my girls to see one of their favorite Disney princess movies in 3D!

When I was in New York for the Red Carpet Premier of War Horse – an amazing movie still in theaters – I was treated on the last day to the first preview of Beauty and the Beast in 3D.  As I sat down with my 3D glasses and my lunch right before my flight home I thought, “I have seen this before.”

And I have.

BUT, the 3D added something I was not expecting.  The colors seemed more vibrant, the characters more ‘alive’ and the music richer!  It’s funny, because every time I go to see a 3D film I think, “what’s the big deal?  So the pictures pop out?”  But when I leave, every time, I tell someone, “WOW, what a difference that made in that picture!”

See the trailer here:

Even for a classic like Beauty and the Beast, the 3D technology changes the experience enough to make it unique!  This timeless tale of the beautiful maiden sacrificing herself to a life with a horrible beast in order for her father to be free, only to discover that under the fangs and hair is her Prince, is always a heart warming story for me.  And the colorful characters that befriend her and make her welcome in an unknown world are funny and charming and make me laugh every time I see it!

Make sure to take some time Friday, January 13, 2012 and rediscover a new way to fall in love with the timeless classic of Beauty and the Beast in 3D!

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Tangled Ever After Movie Short Review and Clip!

One of my favorite things about being able to preview Beauty and the Beast in 3D was the highly anticipated – meaning I could not WAIT – showing of the movie short, Tangled Ever After that played before the movie!

True to the movie Tangled format, the humor, the wit and the entertainment value are second to none!  The stars of the short are Maximus the horse – LOVE him and Pasqual the Camillion – so have a soft spot for him!  Not to give too much away, but during a major life changing event between Repunzel and Eugene, these two sidekicks muck it up in true Disney fashion!

Check out the clip of this fun movie short below:

See?!?!  If anything you should go see Beauty and the Beast in 3D just to see this short!  It is fantastic and so worth it!

Again, I thank Disney, Dreamworks and my host, Marshall for this amazing experience.  As you can see, the entire trip was a once in a lifetime and I am so glad I get to share it with all of you!

**I traveled with a group of bloggers as an all expense paid trip for these events.  My writings and opinions are mine.  Please see my Disclosure Page for more information.**