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#OneToughMother #Teleflora ad

There is not a mother in my circle of friends who I would not call One Tough Mother. Every single woman I know fights to raise her kids the best way she knows how with love and consistency. She is determined, she is strong, she is unselfish and she is simply amazing. I think I tend to attract strong women because I consider myself to be one as well. But I don’t care how many cuts she bandages with a gentle hand and soothing word, how many dinners she makes rushing home after work, how many times she has stayed up all night with a sick child, she wants to be treated like the special, loved, appreciated lady she really is. Nothing says, ‘I appreciate all you do!’ more than an unexpected delivery of the most beautiful flowers out there, arranged expertly by Teleflora. This Mother’s Day, Teleflora has released new vases and arrangements to make that One Tough Mother smile for days on end!

One Tough Mother Deserves Beautiful Flowers for Mother's Day #OneToughMother #Teleflora ad

I posted that I received one of these awesome bouquets in my home. The Teleflora’s Love and Joy Bouquet is the one my kids chose for me. It is absolutely beautiful and I love the aroma of sweet smelling flowers in my home! But when I put it on Facebook I asked my readers when the last time they received flowers was. So many said never, 20 years, once in their lifetime and, ‘What are fresh flowers?!’. Though the tone was whimsical, it was sad to see that the woman working so hard everyday to raise the next generation never had the pleasure of receiving flowers in their home.

One Tough Mother Deserves Beautiful Flowers for Mother's Day #OneToughMother #Teleflora ad

So this Mother’s Day, let’s change that! With beautiful arrangements like the Teleflora’s Butterfly Sunrise Bouquet, which comes with a beautiful over-sized keepsake mug, Teleflora’s Painted Blossoms Bouquet and the stunning Teleflora’s Luxurious Lavender Bouquet, the choices to make her happy are endless!

Imagine the look on Mom’s face when an elegant bouquet is delivered and she opens the card. She won’t be able to get to the phone fast enough to call you. It will be a priceless moment all caused by you ordering from Teleflora for Mother’s Day!

One Tough Mother Deserves Beautiful Flowers for Mother's Day #OneToughMother #Teleflora ad

Let’s change those Facebook responses to, ‘I got flowers this Mother’s Day!’ on my Facebook page! With arrangement options that fit every budget, the gift is perfect for everyone!