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My reflection in the mirror has changed over the years. Sure, the basics are there – green eyes, light brown hair, my mother’s nose – but the reflection changes. I am not the same woman I was at 18, 25 or 35. I am a 41 year old mom who almost never has time to wear make-up, fix her hair properly or take care of the fine lines and wrinkles that everyone else seems to get to disappear. But the reflection I see today is much more beautiful as a mom than it ever was before. Motherhood has done that for me.

DOVE and Walgreens

There is a certain beauty that comes from within when a woman is raising children. A wisdom, a peace, a charm that is unique. I see it all the time in women who think that they are no longer as beautiful as they used to be.

Dove and Walgreens are commited to making sure we all see our beauty! You can go to the Walgreens Facebook Page until May 31, 2014 and create your own customized photo to share and inspire the moms you know!

This is so fun and though Mother’s Day is over, sending words of thank you never are! When you buy your two Dove products, you can get the 8×10 of your image by redeeming online, in stores or at a Walgreens Photo Kiosk!

DOVE and Walgreens

I did mine and I love it! Now I can go buy my Dove products and get an 8×10 of it FREE!

How do you see yourself in your mirror? With wisps of grey hair appearing, the bags under my eyes that say I don’t get enough sleep and the lines of wisdom my children have given me, I am still proud of the image starting back! Share your image with me below! I would love to see it!

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