I watch, you watch, we all watch TV! Some more than others, some get more hooked than others on shows, but we all have an opinion, a comment or a shocked reaction we want to share! Now, with the NEW Social Media Platform, Beamly.com, you can share all things TV in one platform with like minded, addicted friends!

TV Junkies Unite on Beamly.com #Beamly

From the shocking finales of Scandal and The Good Wife to the smack down fights on any Real Housewives city, we have all had that moment when our jaws dropped open, we gasped at a scene and we had to tell someone!!

Now someone can be everyone you know and people you don’t that you can get to know in TV Rooms!

I have been on Bealmy.com – find me at ADayinMotherhood.com – for a few months now. I was hooked almost immediately. It is a no brainer that I would be. A social media and TV junkie, I can unite with people in real time and share my thoughts. I get reactions right away and really feel connected to my fellow viewers!

TV Junkies Unite on Beamly.com #Beamly

Getting started is really simple. Just watch the video and in minutes, you will be a Beamly.com TV junkie too!

I also love that Beamly.com is monitored to prevent anything crazy from happening. The guidelines keep the rooms moving smoothly and the conversation fresh and entertaining!

Sigh Up NOW for FREE and chat LIVE with people who are watching the same shows you are! Just search for your favorite rooms and follow the room. Then follow the people in it to build your TV Junkie empire!

When you are done, download the app on iTunes or Google Play and instantly respond, post and follow from your phone! I use my app primarily and almost never have to log in to the site anymore.

Additionally, on Beamly.com, is your area TV guide! Open it up and see what is on tonight!

TV Junkies Unite on Beamly.com #Beamly

So, in conclusion, fans of all sorts for all kinds of shows can chat instantly in real time with others watching the show they are. I, personally, feel that Beamly.com beats any other social media platform when it comes to TV viewing and interaction!

I will see you there!

Beamly is THE 24/7 social and content network for TV and TV fans. Join me today in TV conversations and get the latest juice and gossip about your favorite shows!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Beamly. The opinions and text are all mine.