I would say that I am a mediocre shopper when it comes to holiday shopping. I barely like to go to the grocery store let alone store after store looking for the perfect gift. Someday I aim to be better, though. I want to be a super Holiday shopper. One with a list, a plan and a determination to make every moment count. In the new Huffington Post article, 11 Secrets Of Holiday Super Shoppers, I can learn to Be a SUPER Holiday Shopper!

Be a SUPER Holiday Shopper with These 11 Easy Tips #MoreMerry #SearsBloggerSquad

My favorite tip to be a SUPER Holiday Shopper that I am seriously going to have to take in is ‘They remember what the spirit of giving is all about.’ I am a huge giver. I would much rather hand a gift over than receive one. I have too much in this house as it is. However, as I procrastinate and then hit my favorite stores the day before I am supposed to see someone who needs a gift, I get too wrapped up in finding them something. I need to pay more attention to getting them something they love. Whether is is small or large, the hottest gift or something that blends in, I need to remember to think of THEM first and the gift last. Besides, no one wants that ‘look’ when their friend opens their gift and clearly does not like it!

Be a SUPER Holiday Shopper with These 11 Easy Tips #MoreMerry #SearsBloggerSquad

There are tons of  services with FREE STORE PICK UP!  It makes shopping from home and pick up your purchases at your local stores a great option where customers can easily shop online for the latest clothes and footwear, purchase them on line with just one click and then try them on in-stores, they have us lazy shoppers covered.

With Christmas quickly approaching, I guess I need to kick it into overdrive and hit the stores. My first stop to take some of the tips from the Huffington Post article and try to save my sanity in the process!

Which tip do you love best in the article and how can you use them to Be a SUPER Holiday Shopper? I would love to hear!

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