Sarah is a jewel.  A unique, special, gem of a child.  She is sweet, loving, a little too smart for her own good, and just downright a blessing to have as a daughter.

She also makes a stubborn mule look like a docile, submissive kitty cat.

The child will hold out on anything at all if she wants it a certain way for decades.  Yes, I know she is 3 – almost 4 – but it feels like decades sometimes.  Painstaking, fighting to teach her why something needs to be a certain way, decades.

For instance, we are having serious issues with her wetting her pants.  And when I say serious, I mean it.

She will stand in front of me and just pee.  Right in her pants, right on my floor, not even a hint of interest in getting to the bathroom at all.  She wets at least 6 pairs of underwear a day and even does the “stinky” in them too.  And at 2, she voluntarily potty trained herself in about a week.

We never had any issues with her having accidents like this until she was almost 3.  And then something happened… I don’t know if it was our move, or if something medical is going on, or if she is just using this as an element of control.  Whatever it is, it is now starting to cause some serious issues.

Preschool started this week.  Now, in the 2’s class last year they did not worry too much about accidents.  But in the 3’s class, I can tell that it might be trying on the teachers to keep changing her.  She is almost 4 after all.

Monday they took the kids to the bathroom 5 times in 6 hours.  They thought Sarah went every time.  But when she saw me at pick up she peed, right in her pants and soaked herself through.  I changed her and put her in a Pull Up.  By the time we got home, she had soaked it so much it was leaking.  I put another one on her after she wet 2 pairs of underwear and she soaked that one in less than an hour.

Tuesday was a normal wet in all of your panties day.

Wednesday, she went to school, they watched her and she went to the bathroom all 5 times and then right before I got there, she wet and they had to change her.

Now I am starting to wonder if she has some sort of medical condition I need to take her in for.  Like maybe she has developed an inability to know when she has to go until it is too late.  She does all of a sudden bend over like she has to go right before she wets.  She almost looks like she is in pain.  And then sometimes, she’ll do that until the feeling passes and then  get right back up and play.

When I ask through out the day if she needs to go, or I see her in that all telling hunch, she starts crying when I take her to the bathroom.  And then she won’t go and then wets.

So, I am reaching out and asking you guys!  What is going on with her?  Is this just plain stubborness and an attempt to control on her part?  Or could it be medical?  And if it is… what is it?

Thank you!