What is something you wanted that you put off because of the cost? Something you really, really, really wanted? A decade or so ago mine was a Burberry purse that I did actually buy in the New York store. I paid full price and, ten years later, it is still worth every penny. It is a little worn now though and I would love to get something awesome for myself this Holiday Season. So I will go on a Bargain Hunt for Black Friday. Luckily, we shoppers have Coupons.com which can helps save us on purchases we really want.

Enter the Coupons.com Black Friday Sweepstakes NOW!

Coupons.com Black Friday Sweepstakes NOW

The Coupons.com Sweepstakes is awesome and you could really WIN!  Why? Because 100 WINNERS a DAY will be drawn! YES! 100 winners will win a TON of $25 gift cards from Toys ‘R Us to Kohl’s to Sears to Gap and MORE! In fact, over the sweepstakes period – which ends December 7, 2014 – 26 DAYS of 100 Winners EACH will be drawn!  That will help you Bargain Hunt for Black Friday, won’t it?

AND AND AND – there will be a $10,000 GRAND PRIZE!

I realize you have already clicked the Coupons.com Black Friday Sweepstakes NOW and entered. But now that you are back to read more, let’s share some valuable information!

Want to Bargain Hunt for Black Friday with me?  The Coupons.com magazine called The Good Stuff (which I am a contributor) has some amazing information for all of us.  With Black Friday coming, the ads coming out hourly and the excitement building, you can go into it with knowledge and control with Black Friday articles on The Good Stuff!

Black Friday articles on The Good Stuff

There are tips for the savvy Black Friday Shopper, tips about early deals and so much more. I will not be hitting the store on Black Friday until I read these and get my shopping expertise on! The Good Stuff is a plethora of information that you have to take time to gather before you pull out your hard earned money!

What do you want this holiday season? Save on it now and make it a reality with help from Coupons.com and The Good Stuff!

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