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Bad Moms is awesome and in theaters NOW! #BadMoms #BadMomsMovie

This is THE movie for YOU! THE movie of the year for all the moms out there who feel the pressures of raising kids, taking care of life while trying to take care of her too. This movie is just perfect! It is so funny that the audience, men included, were laughing so loudly that I missed some of the lines. It is one of those movies where seeing it a second time is just necessary!

I took my mom friend with me to the preview a week before the movie opened. The audience included moms who were press, men who were press and singles who were press. I don’t think that I have ever heard an audience laugh so loudly and so often than I did in this movie. But here is what is great about it… it takes the things we don’t talk about, our feeling that we are Bad Moms, and makes them real. It makes them OK and not shameful and it starts the conversation of what a real Bad Mom is.

Perfectly cast with Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, each woman represents a different kind of mom. Supported by Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smitha and Annie Mumolo, there is a mom for everyone to relate to. In fact, my friend and I were naming our mom friends as those characters as we watched! The story is expertly written, perfectly acted and you walk out feeling like you just spent two hours with your best friends! Plus, your sides and cheeks hurt from laughing.

It is about time that a movie that truly represents the real jobs of moms is in theaters. The messages were spot on, the comedy cleverly entwined without it being to ‘campy’ or ‘cheesy’, and the desire to see this movie over and over again is deeply embedded from the second you leave the theater.

All I can say is don't forget the Poise Impressa when you go see this movie!!!! #badmomshou #badmoms @badmoms

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Let me tell you though, this is, in no way, G rated. There is nudity, cursing and very adult conversation. Please don’t take the kids. Not even teenagers. It is quite crass and there is content you do not want repeated.

Aside from that, this is the perfect movie for moms night out! It even does well as a date night movie! Especially if you want your significant other to get a little insight!

Head to theaters TODAY to see Bad Moms! You will THANK ME for it!

Bad Moms is in theaters now and it is a MUST SEE! #BadMoms #BadMomsMovie