I am not going to name any names, link to any posts or refer to any particular incident here.  Because you, as my real mom readers, could probably care what goes on behind the scenes of the blogging world.  But when I see that opinions and uneducated posts go up about people in this world, the companies they work with and the fans they have, I have to stop and think about the purpose of social media in general.


I am a pretty positive person about things.  I KNOW that I am extremely lucky and blessed that anyone takes the time to read my words.  Every comment is taken with deep gratitude – whether it be here, on my Facebook page, my Twitter feed or any other social media page I can be found on – and any online friendship I form is cherished as if we had coffee together every morning.

When I am lucky enough to actually meet other bloggers, reps from companies or readers, I am over the moon.  And, maybe it is naive of me, but I just assume everyone else online feels the same way I do.

So it is always a shock to my system when I see bloggers bashing bloggers, bloggers ripping fans a new one, or bloggers attacking companies and the people who represent them for the sole goal of drawing attention to them selves.  In my three years online, I have never seen a negative post or comment be rewarded nor increase the positive opinion of the person who posted it.

The other day, one of my friends sent me a text message with a message from a blogger to a fan that was so deeply offensive  I immediately unliked her page and took her off of my “promotion” list.  The terms she used in an open forum to define her reader who was only voicing her opinion was deplorable.  I can not imagine what would possess a seemingly professional person to do that to someone who was a part of their community.

I get scolded, smarted off to and disagreed with all the time.  And I never remove those opinions, emails or comments – unless they include profanity – because it is not my job to alter opinions.  And everyone has a reason for having theirs.  And though it breaks my heart when someone forms a false opinion about me and what I am trying to say, they are, in fact, entitled – just as I am – to voice it.

But it can certainly go too far.

Two other things that just simply went too far happened just this week that made me shake my head in amazement and wonder what the purpose of spewing negativity online was.

One was a national newspaper that was so incredibly disrespectful to mom bloggers and the entire community that I was sick.  Those that do not understand that most of us put in 10 -12 hours every single day no matter what are sharing their opinions that are based on nothing but the end result of getting attention.  I would never go online and post something about another profession in such a negative manner.  So this article hit a nerve and makes me want to work even harder to spread the positive about bloggers and our intentions of good.  We all work very hard and it IS a job.  Not a job to get free stuff or reduce our ethics to promote someone… but a job we love and respect and appreciate.  Most bloggers are like me.  We only promote what we love.  I would say no one I work with “sells their soul” for the almighty buck.  I’ve never seen a business that lasts doing that and I want to last!

Proving we are not all the same, there were several bloggers this week that went after someone who did not deserve it in any way.  This career impacting smear campaign was based on an altered image that had nothing to do with anything at all.  And the opinion that was being spread was completely uneducated and from people who have never even met the person they attacked.  My heart aches for someone who is so viciously used for the pageviews that the bloggers are reaping based on slander.

I have to say that I think any maliciously intended posts, comments and promotions are bad blogging and social media practices.  Word spreads fast in the online world and – aside from the instant gratification of temporary attention – word spread about who was at the root of it is more damaging to the spreader in the end than the victim.  Reputation is EVERYTHING online and I, personally  would never want to be categorized as mean, unprofessional or  hard to work with.

I am all for the truth. And I am all for honestly telling your side of things for the benefit of education.  I am not for using someone else’s reputation, comments and profession to gain temporary satisfaction for myself.

And as a reader of blogs, I immediately turn away from bashing and negativity in a heartbeat.  I think the world is tough enough.  Healthy debate, fair arguments and a clear representation of the truth make great bloggers and small business owners.  Disgusting disregard of others feelings and the truth for your own gain is just bad blogging practice.

What do you think as readers?  Do you love controversial blogs that are aimed at attention seeking practices?  Or do you form an opinion about someone who posts like that? And if a blogger disrespected you openly, how would you feel?  I want to know!

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