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Those three words are looming in the back of my head. Those three words that send the hair standing on the back of my head with the anticipation of shopping endlessly for the perfect dress, the right pencil box and the backpack that will stand out in a crown. Yep, the three words that make my wallet quiver are here…. Back to School! Lucky for me, last year I discover two things to make the season better. Coupons.com and shopping the summer sales! This year, I am adding entering to WIN the Back to School Sweepstakes at Coupons.com, too! A mom needs all the help she can get!

Back to School sweepstakes at Coupons.com

Before I get to the amazing Back to School deals happening NOW on Coupons.com, I want to tell you about the sweepstakes and why you should enter NOW! Well, there is the $100 DAILY PRIZE from now until July 31, 2014 and then there is the $2,500 GRAND PRIZE that will be awarded at the end of July. How is that for a Back to School booster? What would you purchase with all of that loot? Entering is super easy… just your email address. Once you do that you are entered into that day’s $10 drawing and the pot for the grand prize!

Now that you have entered the sweeps, let’s talk about those three little words and how to make them less painful. Saving money on Coupons.com for Back to School is as easy as choose, print and use! Everything from coupons on food, diapers, specialty items and more are available to print. In addition, valuable coupon codes to stores like Best Buy, Target and Forever 21 are available to help ease those ‘cool new things’ budgets.

Back to School Sweepstakes at Coupons.com

To use Coupons.com, just sign up and enter your info. Then scroll or search to find the coupons you want. Once you have them, use the printer prompt to set up your computer to print them out. Once you have them, you are ready to go! It is super easy and a fast and easy way to save everyday and around the ‘expensive’ times of the year!

When was the last time you checked out Coupons.com? Tell me what you love about the site below! And GOOD LUCK on the Back to School Sweepstakes!

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