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Dealing with Back to School Stress by Taking a Minute for Me

I just posted on my Facebook page that I am overwhelmed with back to school season. My kids go back tomorrow and it just feels…. stressful. I want them to go back to see their friends and so that I can work in peace but I also wish I never had to send them. Add to the emotional roller coaster their excitement, back to school shopping, school supplies list that never seem to end and I am all done with the season all together. Previous experience tells me things will calm down, but, for now I am looking for any way I can in dealing with the stress of back to school.



OK, so maybe this is not a total option as a single mom with three kids who has a company to run, but I can pretend for 10 minutes, right? Whether it be the bedroom with a suddenly locked door or a quick ‘hunt for the perfect shirt, I’ll come out when I am done!’ escape to the closet, I only consider it a real run away event if I have some really great snacks with me. A rich and creamy snack that is full of flavor and delectable yumminess. A snack like Oui by Yoplait, the new French Style yogurt that is a stand out on the grocery store shelf!

Dealing with Back to School Stress by Taking a Minute for Me and running away

Oui by Yoplait has a unique, thick and creamy texture that is made to be enjoyed slowly. It is a French style yogurt inspired by our traditional French recipe. How is French style different? Oui is cultured in each glass pot for eight hours, creating a unique, thick, creamy and cuttable texture. Don’t stir it in the glass, just simply enjoy the rich and unique flavor as you savor bite after bite until your spoon hits the bottom of the glass.

I grab a Oui by Yoplait and run away to my closet to get that me time I so badly need!


Dealing with Back to School Stress by Taking a Minute for Me and my flavors

While enjoying my Oui by Yoplait, my mind wanders to my to-do list. It is long. Very, very long. One of the most daunting tasks is back to school shopping. Every year I load up the kids and drain my bank account with a day of shopping. This year, I simply do not have the time, to be honest. So I thought about what the kids would wear if we postponed back to school shopping until after the school year starts.

They have new clothes, we had already made some stops, they have new shoes, socks and other necessities. So why am I adding this stress to my back to school list?

I’m not. I let it go. We can shop another time when things are calmer.


Every year as I deal with back to school stress I try to remember something I learned to think a long time ago. ‘Does this matter in a year?’ In other words, does this particular stress affect you a year from now. Not really. Yes, we will be in the throws of back to school at this time again next year but will the combination of the stress of this and the stress of other things in my life be the same? No. And to be honest, this stress will subside and, yes, new things will come up, but this will pass sooner than later.

Dealing with Back to School Stress by Taking a Minute for Me and their flavors

I try to always keep perspective. The kids will get off to school OK. They will not care about the right colored folder or bento boxes for lunch. They just want to go and spend the day with their friends. It is that simple.

Find your Oui by Yoplait on Walmart shelves and dive into one to get away for a moment. It is made with real milk and fruit and has no artificial flavors or colors. It just has flavor and the desire to savor in every bite!

Dealing with Back to School Stress by Taking a Minute for Me at Walmart

How are you dealing with your back to school stress?