I can not believe it is time to start thinking about back to school!  Glue sticks, packed lunches, new shoes and clothing… it is all so overwhelming!  And for a mom who is still new to this process- my oldest starts 1st Grade this year – it can be confusing too!

I am already a little apprehensive about Back to School.  This will be the first year that all three of mine will be in some sort of school.  The little ones in Preschool – Megan’s first year! – and Katie in 1st.  I am sure the chauffeur in me will be screaming by the end of week one but I am looking forward to some much needed time alone in the house.

I am also a little sad, though.  My babies are growing up and though I know they will be so excited to be back in school, it is still bitter sweet!

Despite how I feel, however, the girls are excited and ready to G O!  The older ones are already teaching Megan how to walk with her backpack and carry her lunch pack.  They are playing teacher and student and Katie tells everyone that will listen that school is starting soon and she is a first grader!

I am also filled with a little fear, I admit!   With all three going it is time to get organized and make sure that all three go to school with what they need.  Like Tyson Chicken for their lunch, Elmer’s school products for their crafts and more and beautiful clothing from one of my favorite online shops, Cookie’s Kids!  And let’s not forget about the amazing styles in store at Sear’s!  I am already starting lists, cleaning out the hooks where their backpacks and lunch packs will hang, and preparing to be completely harried the first of the year!

As I am shopping online and preparing to head to stores, all three girls are next to me giving their opinions.  And by opinions I mean, “I want that!” and “Get me that, mom!”  But they are very instrumental in telling me what they would like!  It is kind of fun, actually, as I am getting great ideas of their personal styles!

One place that I have discovered online that is helping me and my girls choose the best items, organize our thoughts and what we need and giving me great ideas to make back to school even more fun is the Back to School EGuide that I found online!

Open publication – Free publishingMore back to school

This is so super helpful for busy moms looking to start their kids Back to School experience off with a bang!  Anyone sending a child or grandchild Back to School this year should take some time to look over these great products, read the expert tips and plan your back to school shopping like an expert!

We are already so busy with everything else that every useful tool helps!  And the Back to School eGuide is one that I could not do this without!

And don’t forget to download your trusty 1st Day App from Elmer’s!  Capture that 1st Day Photo and share it with everyone!

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