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Automatic Cat Toys like Fox Den and Multi Laser are great for cats

I am going to precursor this post by saying that this little kitty, featured in the piece, is Kitkat. The night I gave him the toys, he decided to go explore for a few days. Thank goodness he finally returned THIS MORNING!! I guess the automatic cat toy, Fox Den, was just too tempting!

Automatic Cat Toys from Petsafe are fun!

Kitkat is the kitty of my neighbor’s elderly mother. My neighbor found him at work, brought him home to foster as a tiny kitten and her mom fell in love. These are the kitties that generally don’t make it. The little strays that show up unannounced. But now he is in a loving home with 2 other cats and three dogs! He is the baby and sort-of, kind-of, absolutely spoiled rotten! Because I always want to help people who rescue animals, I jumped at the chance to give Kitkat, and his other kitty friends, the coolest toys I have seen for cats in forever!  The Multi Laser and the Fox Den from PetSafe® Brand have now been hailed as a cat’s favorite toy! Kitkat, especially, LOVES the Fox Den and my neighbor sends me pictures of him playing!™

Automatic cat toys are fun to share

Cats LOVE things that flit and flail in front of their face. They also love laser lights! So these two toys are a hit all around! The bonus is, it is all automatic! Put some AA batteries in and your cat has entertainment all day long whether you are home or not!

Automatic Cat Toys include Multi Laser which cats love

Multi Laser:

  • Great for automatic play time. Two lasers spin around the room in fun patterns, then the toy powers off automatically after 15 minutes.
  • Great for multiple cat households! Two lasers equal twice the fun!
    $19.95 — an affordable price for cat parents.

Automatic Cat Toys will entertain all day long!

Fox Den:

  • Motion activated toy that lets your cat play all day. The fuzzy fox tail pops out, shakes and then hides again.
    “Play All Day” mode for a day full of automatic fun in 10 minute increments!
    Also $19.95

Fox Den is an Automatic Cat Toys that your cats will love

Years ago I had two cats. I always felt bad leaving them for the day. Knowing that they had each other was always wonderful but if I had these toys at home, I would have felt even better! These automatic cat toys are truly awesome!

Watch them play with Automatic Cat Toys

Get your Fox Den and Multi Laser toys now and watch as your cats are thoroughly entertained anytime they want to be!