Assigning chores is not exactly fun. Kids are naturally going to be resistant and we have our work cut out for us before we even get started. That said, we are not helpless in this situation. We have tools in our arsenal that can help a great deal if we are willing to use them. Here are five tips to consider when you find yourself having to assign chores to your kids:

Five Tips for Assigning Chores To Kids Successfully

Give advance notice 

It seems almost silly but this little tip really does work. If I say to my child to “Help me right now” she will look at me as though I am killing her. If I say “I am going to need you in a few minutes or a half hour” I get a much better response. Perhaps she feels as though I am considering how important her game of dolls is currently. Who knows? But it works.

Keep in mind that reminders are expected

Yes, we want to cry sometimes when we have to repeat constantly to take out the trash or clean their room….but it is normal for them up to a certain age. Kids are going to need reminders until they are at least ten or eleven years old. It is just part of the childhood DNA. Occasionally you get a child that is special and does it on their own at a young age, but it is rare.

Allow it to be exciting and fun

Why make chores a dreadful thing? If you make it a fun thing for yourself, you will set a good example early. By the time you ask them to do chores, they will see it as a fun and exciting thing to be doing. Why not make it fun? You will be creating a great attitude for your child about housework and chores.

Be thoughtful of their time

If you know your daughter has only an hour before bedtime, why give her thirty minutes chores? Kids notice this type of thing and it creates resentment. Some kids will play that card every time, but you can be thoughtful of what is happening in their lives as well. Ask them to take care of things at times when it makes sense. Don’t ask your daughter to clean her room when she has friends over….for example.

Do every chore together several times

Never ask your kid to do something to a standard you have not shown them. Nothing is more frustrating to a child than to be asked to do something they are clueless about. Rather than asking you what to do, they will generally just waste time until you come in and do it behind them. Don’t create that atmosphere and you will be a step ahead of the game. Spend time showing them exactly what you want and how you want it done. You will reap benefits through repetition and your child will learn how to pull their weight around the house.

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