It is well known that I have an iPhone and I love it.  But since recently being asked to test a brand new Android phone, I am starting to have a new respect for how far Android devices have come.  Especially when it comes to options with apps.

And with my new found respect, I also need a place to go where I can find Free apps (because I am cheap), advice on how to best use my phone and more.  Lucky for me – and other Android users -instead of scrolling through page after page of Free Android Apps on the phone, I can search and discover a ton of new and old favorite apps on!

Register for free and search hundreds of games, eBooks, utilitarian apps, anti-virus and so, so much more for your Android device.  Search apps by name, date of release, and by ratings! Read your favorite book or news site, fling your favorite Angry Bird and keep track of your expenses with Free apps that are easy to choose, understand and download!

So as I am playing with the new android phone I have now, I am finding to be very helpful!  I love the reviews of apps and the ease in searching.  So I am filling up my phone quickly and easily!  And I don’t have to stare at a phone screen and scroll forever trying to get the apps I want!

As I dive deeper into my android device – and am discovering how much I like it – my interest is peaked on what is new and how far the devices and apps have come.  I find that the android blog that maintains is the most helpful to me!  They publish in-depth reviews of phones and applications, keep tabs on the latest news and developments in the Android world, provide users with a discussion platform via the forum and manage their own independent App Center with over 6,000 apps.

I am loving learning tips and tricks for make using my android easier and the insight into a popular app or device that makes me feel like an insider.  Plus the FREE Apps.  Don’t forget the FREE apps!

If you have an android phone or device, register FREE with  I bet you will find that it is the first place you go for apps, advice and the latest on your android like I do!


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