During this week, especially, we all need a feel good story that actually reminds us that there are great people out there. When I saw the now viral video of Courtney Bennett’s daughter getting an American Girl Doll with a Prosthetic Leg that was just like her, I may have reacted with some serious waterworks. This emotional video posted by Courtney Fletcher Bennett on her Facebook page reminds all of us that the little things matter a whole lot more than we can imagine! Raising daughters is tough enough but raising one who has a handicap by our definition and knocking it out of the park should be celebrated!

See Emma get an American Girl doll fitted with a prosthetic leg just like hers! I dare you not to cry!

There are so many reasons why this video hits a home run and sends us searching for the tissue box to catch the tears. First of all, Emma’s reaction is absolutely priceless. ‘She has a leg just like me!’ sent me into gushing tears realizing just how important it really is that kids have toys that reflect who they are.

Secondly, it reminds us that there are amazing parents out there just living their everyday lives doing extraordinary things!

Tears of JOY!:)… A Step Ahead Prosthetics …
Thank you!

Posted by Courtney Fletcher Bennett on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Posted by Courtney Fletcher Bennett on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Emma’s dad and mom purchased an American Girl doll, which you know is a favorite in this house, and sent her off to A Step  Ahead Prosthetics. They kept here there and replaced one of her legs with a prosthetic one just like Emma’s. Then they wrote Emma a note talking about her doll’s journey learning how to use her new leg and how, now that she has, she is as unstoppable as ever!

Emma now has a toy that is just like her. Likely a best friend for life, this moment will always resonate with her!