Beauty products, in my opinion, should be clean, simple and leave me with that little feeling of special when I use it.  And, especially for a busy mother of three, it needs to be easy to use and do what it says!

And, I feel, they should be made of more natural products that my face recognizes instead of harsh chemicals cooked up in a lab.  So, I like that all of the ingredients in the Amazon Rain Lluvia skin care line I got to try are organic and wild-harvested.  They have zero additives, chemicals, GMO, Gluten or colors. All of the products are in their natural tone and color – which surprised me at first – and the sweet smells are all natural!

I have been using Amazon Rain Lluvia Essentials 3 product pack including the botanical cleanser, camu c serum and replenishing moisturizer for a few weeks now and I really like them.

I wanted to try this product, created with the natural botanicals of the Rainforest by Amazon Herb Company, because a portion of the proceeds goes to Olivia Newton-John’s Cancer & Wellness Centre and to the Amazon Center for Environmental Education & Research(ACEER).  ACEER brings teachers and environmental educational programs to the children in Rainforest villages.

I love products that  support the communities that they use to produce their product so  I happily accepted the challenge to see how my face would benefit from Amazon Rain products.  It is an added bonus that Amazon Rain has me running to the bathroom to take care of my skin every morning and evening because it really does seem to be making a difference on my skin!

I love the botanical cleaner.  I don’t wear a lot of make up.  I never really have.  But when I did, the botanical cleaner removed my mascara easily!  And it is not super soapy, which I like, but it does clean!  My face feels almost tighter and stripped of dirt and oil when I am done. And it rinses really easily!  A bonus when I have less than 5 minutes alone in the morning!

I’ll  admit, at first, when I pumped the moisturizer onto my hand and a liquidy, gold colored lotion came out, I raised an eyebrow.  I am used to creamy white moisturizer so I did not expect it.  But when I applied it, the light, lemony fragrance hooked me right away!  I love the way it smells!  Which is important when you are applying something right under your nose a few times a day!

The other thing that struck me was how light and non-greasy it feels on my skin!  And I really do feel, after two weeks, that my skin is softer.  I like that… a lot!

But in this trio of products I was lucky enough to try, I think the camu c serum is making the biggest difference!  The serum is supposed to give my skin a more “lifted” look, which I hate to admit, I am needing more and more every day!  After using it for a few weeks, day and night – when I remembered – I am starting to notice that the bags under my eyes seem less noticeable!  I know I am not getting more sleep so it has to be the skin care, right?

So, though I am just now starting to learn about natural products and how much safer they can be for me, I am impressed with the line of Amazon Rain!  Because it smells –  oh so – good, feels good on my face and really seems to be changing the tired, dry skin I have into a softer, smoother face.  And for someone who always tends to everyone else first, it is a nice treat to go take care of my with a high quality, natural product that seems to be making a difference in such a short amount of time!

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(2) FlaxUSA and its Founder Stephanie Stober will donate Flax Sprinkles full of Omega-3, Lignans, Protein and Fiber

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(4) The Coconut World and its Founder SaraJean Cameranesi will donate her amazing Coconut Sugar with Glycemic Index of 35!  Eating it is like almost drinking water nowadays!

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