I am an allergy sufferer.  In fact, I am still on steroids and an inhaler from an allergy related infection that landed me in the Urgent Care center on a Sunday!  To prevent anything like that happening again – and to stop my morning allergy attacks all together – I headed to my CVS to get an allergy medication I KNOW works on me!  I know because I used to be subscribed Allegra by my doctor.  And since that same prescription strength formula can now be found on shelves, it is time for me to start getting this under control.

As all of you allergy sufferers know, when you are sneezing and coughing and rubbing your itchy eyes, it makes it harder to want to take care of yourself!  Who wants to put on makeup when you know you’ll be rubbing it off and looking blotchy from all of the allergens?  And, at least, I, can kiss pedicures goodbye because bending over with those irritating runny noses and dry coughs to do one makes the entire task just ridiculously un-fun!

So, I am taking the challenge to go from seriously drab to amazingly FAB and my first beauty secret is to use Allegra to get rid of these darn allergies that drain me and take my attention off of looking the absolute best I can!!  Instead of making sure I have I have tissues next to me, I can focus on my smile and putting my best foot forward!  And since in the month of May I can get a 30 pack of Allegra for ONLY $17.99 at CVS, I am ready to stock up and enjoy my savings!

Speaking of feet…

While shopping at CVS –  with my pint sized beauty consultant, Katie – for Allegra and some other beauty items to make me look as good as I am going to feel, I came across some pedicure items.  It has been a while since I have given myself one because I have been tired from my allergies and find it hard to do all of that work while sneezing continuously!  And my feet are work!

So, in addition to wearing the all important make up that I skip most days in favor of being a sneezing cough-a-thon, I picked up a pedicure kit and some other essentials for some toe pampering!  Body wash that will bubble and let me soak my toes, a pedicure kit and some super sparkly toenail polish that will reflect the sunshine that I will be basking in more now that I have my Allegra!

See my entire shop below for #ClearBeauty!!  And please do not make fun of my ‘Allergy Face’!

I got home and – yearning for some toe and Lori pampering – took my Allegra!  It works in about an hour – I felt better in less time – and immediately noticed my energy level improve and my time free up to take care of me!  Plus, I knew that if I put on makeup, it would STAY!

I got to work on my feet first… no small task… and enjoyed prettying them up and giving them a fab makeover without having to watch for a draining nose, anticipate a sneeze during a critical cuticle care moment, or raise a soapy hand to rub itchy eyes mid way through! I revived my ignored feet and felt AMAZING when I was done!

Toes complete, I headed into my bathroom and confidently put on makeup knowing it would still be there throughout the day!

It is AMAZING the difference that can be felt when your allergy symptoms are under control!  I feel GREAT and will never be caught without Allegra by my side again!  The new FAB Lori – head to toe – is here to stay!

Now it is YOUR turn to go from drab to fab in the Allergy Makeover Game!  You could WIN a $50 gift card to CVS just for playing! GOOD LUCK!

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