I SO wish my kids could enter this!  They have so many great ideas but are just too young!  Keep in mind, some of the best ideas come from kids!  from bottle cap magnets to book series’!  Your kids might have the next great venture idea!

CreditReport.com (the Credit Report People) and Warren Buffet are awarding a kid $5,000 for their great business idea!   The catch is that the entry must be submitted by Friday, January 20th in the afternoon.


The contest is designed to encourage kids to think like entrepreneurs.  First place is $5,000 and it is open to any kid from age 7 to 16.  It is really simple.

Help your kids sign up now!

They need to answer the following questions:

How did you come up with your business idea?

Who and what will you need to get started?

Who will your customer be?

How will your idea work?

What goods or services will your business sell?

How much money do you need to set up your business?

How do you plan to raise that money?

How do you plan to prepare, sell, or market your services?

What makes your new business different than other new businesses?

What makes your business likely to succeed?

How can you raise money for community programs by creating your new business?

More good info and the details of the contest, plus some fun cartoons can be found at http://www.smckids.com/

In today’s world, there are a lot of kids with a lot of great ideas!  Suggest to your kid to take a look, he/ she might win $5,000!

**I posted this as an appreciative effort for a fellow blogger.**