As you know, I am a HUGE fan of the New Tyson Mini – Chicken Sandwiches that you can find at your local Walmart stores!  I’ve been able to incorporate these yummy, versatile sandwiches into Breakfast and Quick Snacks so far.  But they are so quick and easy to heat up, so incredibly good and such a family favorite now that I am always looking for ways to make them a part of other meals!

Like after school or afternoon snacks!

My Kindergartner started back to school today and though she was super excited, and I was a little too for her, I knew that I was back to coming up with good, healthier snacks to feed her when she comes in, backpack flung on the table, tired and hungry!  In the past, I have handed over cookies or fruit and yogurt but, to be honest, she needs a little more now.  And these mini sandwiches give her a boost to color and play with her sisters before dinner!

As usual, I was able to find the sandwiches right where they are supposed to be; on the Quick Snacks section of Walmart.  Word is getting around about how good these are though because the shelf for the Original Sandwiches was empty and only the ones with Cheddar Cheese remained!  I didn’t care, they are both awesome!

I grabbed two boxes, grabbed some chips to pair with them, got some ‘little bottle’ waters, as I call them, that are easier for my kids to hold and thus, drink, and headed home!  I just knew my kids were going to be excited to have some mini- sandwiches on their snack plates!

Check out my entire shop below:

It took 3 minutes to heat up the chicken sandwiches in the microwave.  You just throw the packs of two in, heat 45 seconds on one side, 45 seconds on the second and then let cool off for about a minute.  Open, tear the two sandwiches apart and serve them up!

See!  Easy!

And the taste is amazing!  Every time I bite into one I am pleasantly surprised at the juiciness of the patty and the softness of the bread.    I really don’t know how they do it but I never have to add anything to the sandwich to add flavor.  I eat it the way it comes out and love it that way!  My whole family does!

Around the time my kids were ready for their after school snack, my neighbors 15 year old son came over to borrow something.  I asked if he’d had HIS after school snack and he said he had not!  So, I slid the Tyson Mini-Chicken Sandwiches over and he took a bite.

And then another… and another and then I just assumed, by the complete devouring of the sandwich, that they were a hit.  He liked them so much that I gave him my one of my boxes so he could take them home to his brother to have some too!  So now they both had a good, easy to make, after school snacks!

And don’t forget, save your receipt and get a $5.00 Walmart Gift Card back by rebate when you buy 2 Boxes of Tyson Mini Chicken sandwiches!

Find your local Walmart that carries these wonderful little goodies and pick up both varieties today!  And then come back and tell me how you incorporated them into your families healthier eating meals and snacks!

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