One thing that I desperately want to do in my career as a mother to three daughters is to raise them with confidence.  And I need all the help I can get.  Besides giving them compliments, pointing out their many strengths and letting them know that I am always here no matter the questions or concerns that may come up, having good hygiene and taking pride in their appearance can help too!

One of the areas I am all about building them up with is their smiles!  My girls have the best smiles.  And I want to see them all day every day!  But I also want them to have them their entire lives.  And though they still have baby teeth – well, Katie did lose her first tooth this month – I want to teach them that taking care of their teeth is the first step in feeling amazing every day!


Act for Kids is an awesome product that can help kids take care of their oral hygiene.  I like it because my kids like it.  It tastes good to my eldest and she loves the colorful, fun, favorite characters on the packaging.   In addition, with ACT for Kids, teeth are strengthened up to two times stronger and cavities are reduced by up to 40%.  I LOVE that!   As she gets her permanent teeth she can protect them from day one!

ACT Anticavity Kids rinses are for kids ages 6 – 12 and have trusted fluoride protection in a variety flavors and characters that will make your kids smile!  They are the only rinse that provides maximum fluoride protection in a one-time-a-day formula.  They have an easy to use measuring cap so kids know exactly how much to use and the bottles are designed especially for small hands.  And since they strengthen those new teeth coming in, your kids smile will be healthy and beautiful too!


My Katie has just started using it and I can tell the difference in her ‘big girl’ confidence!  She brushes a little better and watches herself rinse and then smiles big to see if her teeth are stronger.  As a mom trying to teach her to be super proud of who she is and what she can accomplish as she grows, I love ACT for Kids and the little things it can do to make a big difference!

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Have you tried ACT for Kids?  What is your child’s favorite flavor?

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