I have told you guys a few times about a personal digital organization site called AboutOne.  Since I am a very busy mom of three very busy little girls and now have the structured schedule of Kindergarten to deal with, I need all the help I can get!

So I signed up for the FREE (no credit card info required) 17 day trial of AboutOne.com.  What can it hurt, right?  And the 17 days can be used at any time over the next 6 weeks. They do not have to be concurrent days.

With the trial, I can use the site, get some lessons on how to organize, manage my children’s shot records and so much more and make my days a little less crazy and a little more doable!

Here is a great video showing how AboutOne.com can work for you!

I am so impressed this far that I have already decided to sign up for the annual membership, which is only $30!

But let me tell you how it works in my daily life.  So the first thing I did when I got my free trial was to add all of my family members and their birthdays!  That information is loaded to my “family corkboard”.  I would show you that but I don’t want all of that “out there”.  It is really cute and easy to maneuver though.  I can click on any family member and it takes me to their personal page.

On that page I can find information on their birthstone and other fun facts.  But what I really like is that I can enter their educational information, health information and even store an important document, like a Baptism certificate!   In addition, I can print a baby book for my kids that integrates photos I have uploaded to the site plus fun information, like who the president was the year they were born.

It really is nice to have all of the information on my kids and my husband at a fingers length, available easily on the digital filing system and more that is AboutOne!

I can also upload my address book, which is super easy to edit if someone moves or they change their number, plus I can keep my information on my house and my cars right in front of me.  And since AboutOne has Bank level security on my information, I feel pretty secure in that what I enter will stay private to me!

Other automatic features that the site offers are a family newsletter sent to your address book!  How nice is that?  Keep everyone updated privately instead of having to blast it out on Facebook!  You can track how much you have spent on home maintenance, a babysitter, your car and more.  You can even print a babysitter instructions right from the site!

It really is great and I am enjoying using it for my family!  I get so tired of thumbing through file after file trying to find basic information for schools and extra curricular activities!

Now, AboutOne is offering YOU a chance to learn how to declutter your schedule too!

Sign up for your FREE 17 day Trial period NOW!


ONE winner from across all of the blogs participating in this campaign will win a $500 American Express Gift Card, an upgrade to a free subscription to AboutOne and a $250 donation to the school of their choice!

To enter:

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All other entrants will receive an email with a 25% off code for a year’s subscription to AboutOne!  That is $7.50 off!  Not too shabby for a back up prize!

The giveaway closes September 9, 2011 at 11:59pm est.  Open to US residents, 18+.

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