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This November, the creator of Love Actually returns with his most personal and memorable film of all, About Time.


Sit back and let your self travel the lessons of time that end up showing us what we already know.

There are three days that I would love to relive in my lifetime. I used to think I wanted these three days so that I could change things to make them more to my liking. But after watching the endearing film, About Time, I want to relive them for other reasons.

about time


The birth of each of my daughter’s was an amazing experience. From the last kick to the first cry, those days are embedded in my memories and will never be replaced. The sounds, the smells, the first touch… all things that can be relived in my mind. There are things I would have liked to have done better… differently, and I wonder, if I had, how would the day and my future with my children have been different?

So what if I could go into a dark closet, clench my hands into fists, squeeze my eyes shut tight and really concentrate on that moment and suddenly be transformed there? I could change anything, if I wanted, and it would permanently alter my current life. Would I do it? Would it really make my life better?

about time

The movie, About Time, gives a 21 year old British chap just that opportunity. This empowering tale of life lived in reality captured my attention from the very first awkward kiss to the lesson that changing the past will not necessarily make your future any more amazing.

Disguised as a ‘chic flick’, this movie is for everyone. Men and women alike will laugh, cry, learn and cherish the experience. The creativity of the first meeting – would you fall in love with just a voice? – and the vivid lessons that no matter how much you want to change the past, the hard work of life has to be done, is told with funny antidotes, heart tugging sentiment and an intelligence in story telling that you don’t see much anymore.

See the trailer below and you will see why I can not wait to see this movie again:

In this movie, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) and Mary (Rachel McAdams) fall in love on a, literal, blind date. They fall in love with each other’s voices, laughter and the lilt of flirt that occupies their conversation in the pitch black of a swanky London restaurant. Upon leaving, Mary, an insecure girl who describes herself as looking ‘like a squirrel’, gives Tim her number.

But when Tim decides to use his new found knowledge from his dad (Bill Nighy), that he can go back in time and alter events in his life, he loses her number in the process. When you go back, you can change your present and, thus, your future.

As Tim manipulates time to win her heart again, we fall in love with both of them and their story.

about time

That is just the beginning of this cinematic masterpiece. As they build their family, deal with the seemingly unkindness of life and learn the hardest part of letting go, you will never want to take your eyes from the screen.

Life has to be lived, appreciated and respected. This charming little British film guides us all to the realization that life’s little imperfections are what makes it so perfect to begin with.

From the absolutely brilliant score to the modern movie shooting techniques to the characters that melted into their roles as if they were created just for them, this film is one of the best I have ever seen. The entire theater erupted in loud applause at the end. Most of us stayed until the final credit, wanting more of what was offered.

For more than three decades, filmmaker Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral) has crafted his signature voice in the world of movies and television, giving audiences unforgettable characters who have alternately allowed us to laugh at our ever-so-human foibles and to share a tear at the extraordinary journeys that accompany our ordinary lives.  


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5 Shiny, Sparking Stars! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!