Yesterday, two bloggers I know lost their fan pages on Facebook because someone who had a beef with them reported them as a spam website.

I use Facebook to connect with my readers!  I love to converse and get to know all of you!

However, I am at the mercy of the Facebook and Facebook is huge.  They do not want to be part of any type of lawsuit or issue with pages in fighting.  So their solution is to simply remove the pages!

One of these bloggers has 32,000 fans, the other had 17,000.

I would be devastated to lose my Facebook page.  Especially through no fault of my own.  These women simply put a warning up that a giveaway was not fulfilled by the sponsoring company and they were yanked after that company reported them.

I do a lot of giveaways.  Some of you love them, some don’t.  I have been very blessed that all of my sponsors have sent out prizes.  But if one does not, I do not want to see my hard work earning your trust gone in an instant.

This blog not only provides me a personal release, it helps me with my household income.

I ask, if you have a moment, to please take the time to follow me in another way in addition to Facebook so that if, heaven forbid, something happens to my page, you can still receive information on my posts, reviews and giveaways, and deal and freebies!

Thank you so much!!

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