Today I am back to getting more fruits and veggies in my kids!  While they were doing their Sticker Mosaics, I had an idea to create the same types of gardens they were working on for a snack!  And then later, we’ll go on a walk and look at some summer flowers in the neighborhood, thus rounding out a Garden Kind of Fun day!

What I did!

I started with three sheets of waxed paper so I would have enough room for the garden.  I cut cucumber stems, topped them with apple and pear ‘flowers’, made the sun out of baby carrots with organic peanut butter inside – I stuck the tips to the peanut butter so they would stay – and then made raisin and grape butterflies!  It took about 10 minutes for the whole snack!

The girls LOVED them and ate a TON of it!  A great, healthier, alternative to chips or something else that is not as pretty!

Try this out!  What other scenes can you make with fruits and vegetables?

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