A blog that started after nagging from the husband has grow and has now had turned to the nagging of the husband!

“Write a post for me honey!”

“NO, NO post for you!”

NerdFamily.com has spawned two nerd related blogs, NerdFamilyThings.com and NerdFamilyFood.com.  Because Nerds need space.  And things.  And food.

Comic books, odd contraptions – what IS this thing anyway?  – and homeschooling?  Plus giveaways of not so nerdy things – a Mertado Blanket please!  Jaqueline reviews games that a game lover would love, talks money and fitness on NerdFamily.com and educates the rest of us on what we need to make life fun with writings and videos.

And shockingly enough, the NerdFamily.com collection are also fashion blogs.  Yep, just like bloggers at BlogHer last year assumed.  It’s hard to find those pieces, they are cleverly hidden within the folds of Mango Greek Yogurt and Quantum Levitation, but the latest runway styles of Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein are there…  somewhere…

OK, maybe not.  But when you meet Jaqueline, ask her anyway!

‘Cause she likes that!  :D

I’ve decided, since spending time getting to know the NerdFamily.com family of blogs, including what I can only call the torturous tickling of a ferret?, that I need to spend more time learning about running a nerdy ship, discover gadgets and games that I can not pronounce, and food that makes me was to move on in…  life saber and all!

A Merry Christmas to this fun, refreshing, family friendly blogger that can only be described as an overachiever… but in a very, very GOOD way!

 **This is a friendly roast of a great blog(s) as a project with Collective Bias.**