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What an amazing opportunity Ashley Furniture Homestore is providing to the children to help ensure a good night of sleep! As a parent, we all know that when our child does not sleep well it makes for an exhausting day for them when they wake up. If they are in school, their grades may decline, they may not eat well, and chronic fatigue can make anyone succumb to ill-health.

Ashley Furniture Homestore’s project A Hope To Dream will be providing twin mattresses, steel risers, comforters, pillows, sheets and more to underprivileged HOUSTON area children between the ages of 3-16 throughout the week of March 11th.

For the readers that are not in the Houston area, encourages you to check Ashley Furniture Homestore online to find out if it is available in your area. You can find the Ashley Furniture Homestores participating in A Hope to Dream project listed at the bottom of their website.

Ashley Furniture

There is an application process to nominate any child that does not have appropriate bedding to ensure a healthy night of sleep. You can fill out the application online and submit or even drop them at any participating Ashley Furniture Homestore.  Ashley Furniture Homestore recognizes that families may have more than one child in need, they offer this opportunity for each child in the family who needs a better place to lay their head at night.

This initiative by Ashley Furniture Homestore is such an honorable program. is delighted to provide you with the information you need to nominate a worthy child. It is our hope that every child can have a safer and more comfortable night of sleep with the A HOPE TO DREAM program.

This program is continuous and an application can be submitted at any time. Deliveries are usually done quarterly.
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