In the interested of not getting bored and not forgetting all of the fabulous things that my kids have learned how to do this year, I have instilled a new project:

A Craft A Day!

Now, I am realistic, I know that I will not be able to find time to swim, play, swing, dance, read and more and still get a craft in every single day this summer!  But I am hoping to at least do one every few days.  A Craft Every Few Days does not sound too catchy though!

I am not a creative mom so these crafts will be easy and rely heavily on the Dollar Store BUT they will be fun!  And the crafts might vary between coloring a picture to making a fun recipe, we’ll just have to see!

But I think I came up with a fun one today!

Butterfly Tissue Boxes!   

So, I went to the Dollar Store and got a packet of 24 foam butterflies for only, well, $1.00!  I pulled out our Elmer’s Painter’s Pens, markers, crayons and a glue stick and told the girls to have at it!  They colored, laughed and had a blast!

When they were done with their butterflies, they glued one to each side of the tissue box!  This turned them into instant, pretty boxes for their bathrooms!  And hopefully, by doing this, they will be encouraged to use their tissues instead of their sleeves to wipe off those pesky summer allergies!

What other crafts do you think I should try with my kids?  Leave your craft link in the comments section and let’s have a fun summer!

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