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5 Ways Spring Cleaning Is Good For You #SpringClean16 #Walmart ad

A little while ago I wrote a post about how doing the dishes actually helps my self esteem. A seemingly menial job that everyone has to do, it was amazing to me how taking the 12 minutes to accomplish the task made a difference. With that knowledge on hand I looked around my house, the sun finally shining through after a winter that was, then wasn’t, then was again. So many tasks have gone into hibernation during the long, grey days of winter. But with spring here they still need attention. We all know that once that sun comes out it is apparent that spring cleaning is needed! I decided that it was time to take action. With the kids gone at their dad’s for a week for Spring Break, I headed to Walmart to stock up on Viva®, Scott®, Cottonelle® products that can help me get this joint back into shape! As I accomplish task after task, I find that my mood is enhanced and I start to actually feel good! Here are 5 changes to my winter blue mood that happened as I started to Spring Clean!

5 Ways Spring Cleaning Is Good For You #SpringClean16 #Walmart ad

It Can Reduce Loneliness

It is true that I feel like cleaning most when I am upset or stressed out. But when my kids are gone for extended periods of time, I do feel lonely. Usually I work and sit on the couch thinking of all the things I should be doing. So this time I decided that when my work was done, I would tackle one of the many problem areas in the house! By the time I was done cleaning the windows with my Viva® paper towels, I started to feel my loneliness lift and my smile return! Now that the kids can actually see out of the clean windows, the sunshine can come back in. This job was made so much easier with  Viva® Vantage® paper towels, by the way. Viva® Vantage® has a scrubby texture, like a terrycloth. Great for getting stainless steel appliances and glassware to shine and scrubbing stovetops, patio furniture and other grimy surfaces. They are perfect for cleaning windows!

5 Ways Spring Cleaning Is Good For You #SpringClean16 #Walmart ad

It Can Help You Feel Accomplished

Just as with the dishes, my self esteem soars when I get the smallest spring cleaning task accomplished! Once that always gets put on the ‘later’ list is cleaning out my kitchen drawers. My spatulas, ladles and baking spoons get mixed together and makes it harder and harder for me to locate things. But when I close the drawer after digging to find what I need, I forget about the task! So just getting that one drawer cleaned out, wiped down with Viva®, and then reorganized made me feel such a sense of accomplishment! Each little accomplishment puts a spring in my step and that can only be good for me!

5 Ways Spring Cleaning Is Good For You #SpringClean16 #Walmart ad

It Can Help You Lose Weight

We are not talking about tons of pounds here but there is truth to the adage that the more active you are, the slimmer you are. If you are up cleaning out closets, sprucing up the bathroom to be more useful and less cluttered then you are popping less candy and crescent rolls into your mouth! So when I start to get that sweet tooth that might mess up my clean eating plans, I head to another problem area in my house that needs attention!

It Can Help You Think

Thinking through problems and trying to figure out how to resolve them takes a lot of focus sometimes. I find that I do my best thinking when my hands are busy. So while I am in the kid’s bathroom trying to organize it yet again so that they can not totally mess it up in 5 minutes or less, I think through some of my most confusion issues. By getting their space organized and problem solving the little things, like how to make Scott® bathroom tissue easier for them to get to so that they actually replace the roll when it is empty, I can use that same process to solve an issue in my non-cleaning life.

5 Ways Spring Cleaning Is Good For You #SpringClean16 #Walmart ad

It Can Help You Sleep

There is nothing better than laying down at night and actually being able to sleep. I find that the cleaner my house, the less cluttered and the more I get marked off my spring cleaning list, the faster I fall asleep. I am one of these people that only needs 5 -6 hours a night to feel energized. But if I am not asleep by 11pm, I drag the next day. So knowing that that closet is clean, that drawer is organized, that toy chest is cleaned out, the bathroom is stocked with Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Care with Cottonelle® CleanRipple Texture for the kids who need a little extra help sometimes after potty, and that the laundry room is reorganized can only help your mind calm and fall asleep faster! In addition, that little smile you get on your face knowing you got that long awaited chore off your list translates to a restful night of sleep.

5 Ways Spring Cleaning Is Good For You #SpringClean16 #Walmart ad

Spring cleaning can be a chore. By stocking up with the essentials like Viva®, Scott®, Cottonelle® and taking small steps everyday to get it done can make it so much easier. The benefits you reap from it makes it so worth it too!