Back when I was single and dumb and free, I made a really smart decision.  Hard to do in those days, I admit, but it was a good one and it has served me well my entire adult life.  I walked into my local Houston Cellular office and signed for the latest and greatest flip phone and cell phone service!

No one else I knew really had a phone and it was probably a wasted expense back then but I reasoned that I was a single HAWT little lady and needed it for protection.  And to call my one friend that did have one and talk from the car.  ‘Cause that was just cool!

Since that day, Houston Cellular grew and was eventually acquired by Verizon Wireless.  And my phones changed from the flip to flat phones to slider phones and now my iPhone, I never saw a reason to change service.  The prices were always competitive and no matter how many friends told me how much better their cell phone companies were, they always took it back later.  Every service issue, phone issue, error of any kind has always been handled professionally and quickly.  Not only that, to this day, I am still one of the only phones that seems to get service anywhere!

You could say that my 20 year love affair with Verizon Wireless is the most stable relationship I have ever had with a company and I still recommend them highly today – obviously!

Recently, I was lucky enough to become a Verizon Ambassador!  Now, I did get a NEW Samsung Galaxy S III phone to test for 3 months – I have to give it back at the end – so that was a perk in itself.  Even though I love my iPhone, I actually am starting to really, REALLY like the Samsung Galaxy.

Here are some really good things about the Samsung Galaxy S III:

1)  The screen is AMAZING!  I never thought I would see what the big deal is about a large screen on a cell phone.  But I guess I am getting old or maybe I just like the visual stimulation, but the screen is clear, crisp and even my chubster fingers don’t click the wrong icons like they sometimes can on the smaller iPhone screen!

Love this one I took with the Samsung Galaxy S III

2)  This is a lightweight phone!  I actually am surprised at how light this larger phone is.  It is slim and easy to carry and fits perfectly in my small purse!  Even with a case on it, it is really comfortable to carry!

3)  I love the camera and video camera on this phone.  As a blogger, photos are important.  But as a Mom, photos are priceless!  So when I am trying to catch a shot of my children doing something quickly, I still want a high quality photo that I can share.  The Samsung Camera is fast and clear.  I really like it and almost – shhhhh – prefer it over the iPhones.

Check out this video I made on it ;) – Shameless future singing star promotion:

4)  Though a little more limited than comparable products, I do find the app selection to be vast and plenty for what I use it for.  I can check all of my Social Media accounts quickly and easily.  It pops between apps with no effort and even uploads directly to social media quickly!

5)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the voice recognition feature.  I can talk to text, get audible directions – great for a directionally challenged gal like me – and even tell it who to call!  This is GREAT for driving and when you have a child – or two – on your hip!

There are other awesome features that I have not been able to try out yet.  I need to find someone with another Samsung Galaxy III so I can check out the photo ‘bump’ feature, I need to find a song to download from a quick scan code, and I need to test out some more of the apps.

Now, there are a few things I am not too crazy about with the phone.  Hey, it’s an honest review, right?

The battery life is not as long as my iPhone.  At least it does not seem to be.  And it takes twice as long to charge to full.  Maybe I am spoiled, because it is only annoying when I am heading out and it is still  low battery after a 15 minute charge, but it bugs me!  Even with battery saving features on, it just seems to drain faster.

A big annoyance is how long it takes to email photos or videos.  Though it uploads to other sites quickly, getting a photo or video to my email takes a very long time.  In comparison, my iPhone has it there before I can even close the camera out.  So even though it takes better photos, it really irks me that I have to wait up to 5 minutes or longer for it to get to my email.

Overall, I love the phone and would absolutely recommend it to friends like you!  I totally think that this Android product is seriously awesome. In fact, I wish I could keep mine.  It is a lot of fun, high tech, intelligently designed and built and I have barely scratched the surface!

RIGHT NOW switch to Verizon Wireless and text “VZWA” to 22699 to receive up to $50 off any 4G LTE Android Smartphone or Jetpack. Please note standard text rates apply.

How about you?  Have you used this phone?  What are your thoughts?  And are you thinking of changing wireless providers?  Check out Verizon Wireless and be the one everyone has to borrow the phone from becuase you still have service when they don’t!

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I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors program and have been 
provided with a wireless device that I will return and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.