It happens every week.  I get the energy to empty the laundry hampers, sort the clothes properly and start throwing loads in the wash. I vow to keep up with it.  This will be the week that I will NOT let it pile up!  I will  fold as soon as the dryer is done, put the clothes away one load at a time, wash a load every day no matter what!

And then the kids wake up and it all goes out the window.

So I find myself back in the pattern of overflowing laundry baskets, washes forgotten about in the machine, dry clothes wrinkling in the dryer and digging through the pile on the couch to find a pair of socks.

I berate myself wondering why I let Mt. St. Laundry win?  Why can’t I keep up with the constant pile that grows and grows until I have no choice but to stop everything, fold for an hour and tell myself time and again, “See, that was not so bad!  Next time you will stay on top of it!”?


So, this week as I spent most of my Saturday once again suffering the punishment of laundry procrastination, I decided that I would look on the bright side.  Approach my laundry procrastination like I do every other issue in my life!  With denial, excuses and reasonings that leave me feeling better about myself as opposed to feeling like joining a nudist colony.

So here are 5 Reasons why it is OK to procrastinate on laundry – as told by Lori… not necessarily the best source, but who cares:

1)  You find out what is really at the bottom of the drawer!  If you’re like me, clothes are crammed in drawers and you take the top layer out of each one, wear them and then repeat the next week.  If you don’t do your laundry, though, you get to find that favorite shirt that you thought you lost crammed in the back corner of the bottom drawer!  You get to rediscover a pair of shorts, long forgotten under the old stand-bys.  And your kids get to realize that there do own more clothes than those white Capris that have seen better days!

2)  You get to rediscover your furniture like the first time every week! When I get my 10’s of 1000’s of loads folded, I get to see my couch again.  And when I get to sit down on it, that one day a week, it feels so fresh and new and wonderful.  By having it piled high with laundry most of the time, I appreciate my furniture more when the laundry is gone!

3)  The piles make for great photographs!  Come on, what is cuter than a little baby in a laundry basket?  Or a toddler thrown on a pile as if mimicking a pile of leaves in the yard?  Really, you have to keep the pile there if you want to catch that perfect shot at the perfect time!

4)  It saves you money! I don’t know about you but if I don’t have at least some decent clothes to wear, I don’t go out.  Others will argue that all of my clothes need an update and I will wear anything. And that might be true under certain circumstances!  However, there are things that I just won’t go out in.  So, I will just stay home, thus saving money.  See how that works?

5)  You will rob yourself of a GREAT sense of accomplishment!  Let’s be honest.  There is no better feeling than being DONE with the laundry chore!  The drawers are full, the couch is clean, your house looks on it’s way to spotless just by having the pile gone.  Just nothing better!  So why – WHY – would you rob yourself of that great feeling just so that it can be done at a steady, uncelebratory pace?  Seems like madness to me!

So, today, while looking at the many, many, MANY piles of laundry that need to be done, just sit back and relish in the positives of putting the pesky chore off until another time!  Enjoy your new favorite clothes, dream of the day when you can freely sit on your couch, take some great photos, save some money and wait for the day when you can celebrate getting it all done!

See?  I can spin anything to make myself feel better!