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5 Must Have's for a Successful Garage Sale + WIN a $100 Gift Card

This weekend my oldest daughter talked me into a dreaded garage sale. Dreaded because it is a lot of work. Also dreaded because we are in the middle of pollen season here in South Texas and it can wreak havoc on me and my kids. Years ago, I watched as my youngest daughter, especially, battled the sniffles and sneezes and mosquitoes all at once. After living through that day, where nothing I had in the medicine cabinet worked, I headed to the store for Children’s Allegra® Allergy Relief. I had used it before with success and now I don’t use anything else. Whether they are outside with the dogs or playing basketball in the driveway, it is a must during this season. So, when planning a garage sale, of course allergy relief is at the top of the 5 Must Have’s for a Successful Garage Sale!


My neighborhood has two community garage sales a year. One in the Spring when the pollen has coated everything yellow and one in the fall. We all suffer the consequences should we decided to drag out our stuff out to make a sale.

I, myself take Allegra® for seasonal allergies so I trust the brand to take care of my kids too. I can get it at any major retailer and I know it is a long-lasting, non-drowsy and effective form of allergy relief. It offers 12 Hour relief for indoor and outdoor allergies too. You can get it in Oral Suspension Liquid or Orally Disintegrating Tablets.

When watching my kids sneeze and rub their eyes and suffer from the other aspect of allergy season I know that Children’s Allegra® Allergy Relief can curb them. It relieves sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and their itchy nose or throat. If you have kids like mine whose noses show the red of allergy season, you KNOW how valuable Children’s Allegra® is!

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5 Must Have's for a Successful Garage Sale + WIN a $100 Gift Card now

Now that you and your kids can be outside for long amounts of time, let’s talk the 5 things you need for a successful garage sale!


I am not a garage sale girl. But I am a mom who wants my kids to experience what it is like to clean out and to sell or donate things they don’t use anymore. So, I obliged my daughter and we began the clean out two days before. I HAD to have my patience face on as the girls started strong and waned fast. As they wanted to keep everything even thought they had not touched in in 2 years. As they wanted to make money on my items but keep theirs. As dusk fell, the mosquitoes came out to feast on us.

Patience is a must have in any garage sale situation.

5 Must Have's for a Successful Garage Sale + WIN a $100 Gift Card basketball


We made a little over $330 at our garage sale, which thrilled the girls, of course. But $250 came from the sale of a refrigerator so it really was not that impressive. In my experience, in order to make them worth it, you have to have a large ticket item or two that has a chance of selling. So, make sure you pull out your old appliances and furniture too!


Years ago, the last time I did one of these, people would buy multiple things and drop several on the way to me to pay. Many asked if I had bags and I did not. So, if you know you are throwing a sale, stock up on those grocery bags from the store. I also use them to do deals like, ‘Stuff them full of clothes for $5 a bag.’ People love to cram stuff in there and when you are selling a ton of kids’ clothes and shoes it can be a real money maker!

5 Must Have's for a Successful Garage Sale + WIN a $100 Gift Card playing


Please make sure you hit the bank ahead of time and get lots and lots of $1s and $5s. Also, make sure you have coin change too. Of the 10 or so people that showed up to mine at least half had a $20 bill and needed change. You can lose a sale in an instant with no change!

Good luck on your garage sale. It really is a great thing for learning for the kids. I especially like the loading up cars and donating what is left at the end.

What other tips do you have?

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