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5 Lessons My Ultra Strong Mom Taught Me That I Use in My Parenting

As time goes by I see more and more of my mom in me. The way I stand, the way I hold my purse, the terms I use in conversation. I see it and I smile a little each time I notice that I am just like her. Most women I know experience the same thing. No matter how hard we try, we seem to turn into our mother. The really weird thing, at least in my mind, for me, is that I was adopted at the age of 8. Those developmental years that turn us into our parents were spent in other families for me. But, somehow, I inherited some of her mannerisms still. It is OK with me. I consider it an honor to be like my mom because she is a beautiful, intelligent and strong woman that is to be held up and appreciated every day. In fact, the other day, while shopping for both Mother’s Day and Hefty® Ultra Strong™ Trash Bags, I realized that she was ultra strong. Mostly because she voluntarily took in an ornery, angry, messed up little kid and called her her own, but also for the lessons that she taught me about motherhood that I use in my parenting today!

5 Lessons My Ultra Strong Mom Taught Me That I Use in My Parenting WITH hEFTY

Now, my mom asked me years ago not to be featured on my blog and I completely respect that request. So, though I do not have photos of her I can show you, I do have children that I am trying to raise as well as she raised me! So here are 5 Lessons My Ultra Strong Mom Taught Me That I Use in My Parenting.

Kindness is Contagious

My mother is a very kind woman. She is always at the church or taking something to someone or praying for someone. A deeply religious woman, she is very certain about the fact that we should always do for other people first. I know that, as I raise my kids, I get the drive to teach my kids to be thoughtful of others, to be kind and to be proud of that kindness comes from my mom. My mom, who never looks for a thank you or validation from people when she is doing for them, taught me that kindness is contagious. Do one thing for someone and watch how it spreads to others. I am really trying to instill that in my kids!

5 Lessons My Ultra Strong Mom Taught Me That I Use in My Parenting with my mom

Sometimes Strength is Subtle

My mom is an classically elegant woman driven by her love for God and my father. She can come across as demure and sort of ‘behind the scenes’ but those of us who know her know better. She has a quiet and subtle strength that is apparent in every decision she makes. It takes an Ultra Strong woman to adopt a mess of an 8 year old girl. To deal with her attitude, her defiance and her lack of manners. She picked me up when I was down, held me tight when I was scared and supported me when I felt unstable. Her strength was not ‘in your face’ but it is dependable and impressive. In my motherhood I try to show my girls that strength is a good thing. It is not necessarily big muscles and pecs, like John Cena has, but can be subtle and quiet like his mom has.

5 Lessons My Ultra Strong Mom Taught Me That I Use in My Parenting with Hefty ultra Strong

This Mother’s Day, Hefty® Ultra Strong™ celebrates the strength of mothers everywhere! Like John Cena and his mom, Carol, Hefty® strives to create a product that is strong enough to handle whatever we throw into it. They know that Mom knows best!

I like the Lavender and Sweet Vanilla scent and the quality I can depend on. Like a mom, they won’t let you down! These bags have Triple Action Technology that resists tears and leaks, as well as a break-resistant drawstring that helps keep the bag on the can. The ARM & HAMMER™ odor neutralizer keeps your kitchen smelling fresh, too.

Bonding Time is Anytime

My mom was not necessarily the kind of mom who would dig in the mud with you but she understood that you could bond with your children at any time. Whether it be that eye contact and secret smile that passed between the two during homework time or the simple act of being in the stands, looking proudly on, as I cheered for my local football team, she knew that bonding time was anytime. As I raise my kids I try to remember that even something as stressful as homework time can still be a time to connect with my kids.

5 Lessons My Ultra Strong Mom Taught Me That I Use in My Parenting LIKE LAUGHTER

Motherhood Does Not Have to Define You

Though my mom was always present in my life and doing the job of ‘mother’ well, she also had a life outside of us kids. She had friends and functions and she took her title of wife very seriously as well. She showed me, and I hope I am finally implementing this in my life, that motherhood does not have to define all that you are. For years it has only been me and the kids and me as a mom. But, lately, I am starting to understand that, as my kids age, it is important that I have a life for me too.

Laughter is a MUST

5 Lessons My Ultra Strong Mom Taught Me That I Use in My Parenting like fun

My mother is a very proper, elegant woman. But when I think of her in my childhood I picture her laughing. She has a stunning smile and her laugh carries through the air contagiously. If my mom is laughing it is really funny! Even in the most stressful of times, she shows me that a quick giggle or a boisterous laugh can always make things better! As I raise my girls I try to bring as much laughter as possible into the mix!

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