Divorce. A word no one goes into marriage thinking they’ll ever hear applied to their own marriage. Truth is, though, it just doesn’t always work out. These 5 divorce stories will help you feel OK about it.

5 Divorce Stories that will Make You Feel OK About it.

Our happily ever afters aren’t always happy after all. We try to make it work. We try to change ourselves to be what our spouse wants/needs. The time may come, though, where divorce is a real part of your life. If you are facing a divorce, recently been through one, or still trying to figure out what went wrong in your marriage to cause your divorce, then read these divorce stories. It’s all going to be OK!

What I Learned About Marriage After My Divorce – Here I share some of the hard and honest truths I learned about marriage.

10 Positive Things I Got Out of My Divorce – Maria Shriver opens up about her divorce and some of the awesome things that came from it – like “I know who my real friends are” and “My girls are strong, healthy, and happy”.

My Divorce Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me – Sara shares the real pain of divorce but ends with the most important lesson she’s learned – what real love is.

How I Accidentally Found Love Again – Kate tells of her story opening an online dating profile after divorce. Read how that helped her find love again.

How My Divorce Has Made Me a Better Mother – Divorce when kids are involved, is never easy, but the truth is it’s made me a better mother.

Love isn’t easy. Marriage isn’t easy. It takes two to make a marriage work, and when one or both find that it’s not working, despite giving their all, divorce may be the only option for a happy life. When abuse, whether physical or emotional is involved, divorce should be considered. No one, man or woman, should stay in a marriage that hurts.

Has divorce affected your life? Share your divorce story with me in a comment, or reach out on Facebook. You are not alone.