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4 Benefits of Taking the Dog on a Walk


We are all so busy. We have children, jobs, family and pets to take care of. The bank account never seems full enough, the house is never clean enough and we all could use a little more sleep. It is no wonder than a lot of us see that simple task of taking our dogs on a walk as one that we just can’t fit into our day. However, just as we take care of our pets with the best natural foods out there and treats they will love every time, we all want to see our dogs happy and healthy. Part of that is making sure they get the exercise they need! Part of them getting the exercise they need are benefits to us as well! Hiking trips, nature walks and daily spins around the neighborhood benefits us and our dogs in so many more ways than we may realize!

4 Benefits of Taking the Dog on a Walk

Gets Everyone Out in Nature

 4 Benefits of Taking the Dog on a Walk at the duck pond

I, for one, don’t spend the time I really need to outside. I am in the car taking the kids to school, inside at the gym, working in my home office and then back in the car for more errands with the kids. My dogs, though they have an acre to run around on, spend the majority of their days inside too. By making myself take my dogs on walks for just 30 minutes 3 times a week I can spend that time with nature that I really need to recharge! When the kids and I load up all of our dogs, we have 5 in the house right now with our two fosters, and get outside we all fell better! We discover new trees, flowers and paths we may not have noticed before. One of One Eyed Jack’s favorite places to go in the neighborhood duck pond! There he, and I, discover all kinds of things. Like turtles and fish and flocks of birds!

Gives Your Dog a Sense of His Natural Ability

Dogs, while perfectly happy sleeping on the couch, are natural hunters. When letting them get out to chase a scent, explore their world and to stretch their muscles, we are letting them be who they are in nature. Since we make sure they have great customized food, like Just Right by Purina, we also need to make sure that they get to be as close to their natural being as possible. I would love to let Jack off of his leash and just let him go but he is a beagle. So, I give him as much leeway as possible and just follow him around.

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 4 Benefits of Taking the Dog on a Walk and his food


I follow his direction on his nutritional needs as well. For years now I have fed him his own custom blend from Just Right by Purina. Jack has the softest coat of any dog I have ever know and I want to keep it that way. Plus, as a beagle, he is prone to being overweight. I want to prevent that! So his Salmon and Rice Blend is perfect for him and made only for him! I see real differences over the years and am thrilled with the results! Get Just right by Purina for your dog too and watch as the natural ingredients make them shine, too!

An Instant De-stressor

Today has been a day for the migraines. It is the last full day of school full of parties and kids locker stuff coming home. In the midst of it, it is my last day to get a lot of work done before the kids are home for summer. I even missed my daily workout to be home to work. About an hour in, the internet, TV and hot spot all went out. It was out for four hours aka: the last four hours of work time for me. It came back on right as I had to go to the school.

 4 Benefits of Taking the Dog on a Walk and feed them well

So, in the delay, and to reduce the stress, I hooked Jack up and took him to his favorite place: the duck pond. I let him lead as he chased, sniffed, chased some more and then sat to just watch, realizing that the ducks could swim and he can’t.  The trip outside made me relax and I felt myself release the stress. If you are having a day take the dog on a walk. Just a quick one can change the whole day for the better!

Mental Stability Built In

 4 Benefits of Taking the Dog on a Walk and walk with nature

We all have too much on our minds. But getting outside with the dog and allowing myself to escape the cage of stress and focus on his fun just stabilizes me mentally. We all know a change of scenery can help with our state of mind. Taking the dogs along the way makes that scenery that much more fun!

It seems a simple task and yet we all put it low on the list! Take the challenge of walking with your dog for just 30 minutes 3 times a day and watch as those days become your favorite ones all week!

 4 Benefits of Taking the Dog on a Walk with Just Right by Purina

Where do you like to go with your dogs?