4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play

When summer hits in South Texas, the humid heat comes with it. While I love the heat the middle of the day is almost unbearable for outdoor activities. But in the morning and late afternoons we can hit the pool, ride bikes and have a blast. This summer I am determined to do more with my kids. They spend part of it with their dad at his house but, when they are home, I am cramming as much family time in as possible. I need three things to make that happen: my imagination, BATTERIES and a stock of summertime activities to charge up summer! All of us know that having them in house is imperative, especially during the summer. Now that I have them, I can spend time with my kids knowing I have everything that I need for 4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play!

4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play and have fun


4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play with bubble play

Yes, even my almost 12 year old still laughs and chases bubbles! A simple bubble machine is a MUST for summertime fun! Whether you are having a backyard party or just playing catch with the kids, bubbles always make it more cheerful. My daughters love to see how many they can capture and cover themselves with! I love watching them enjoy the simplest of childhood happiness.


4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play with water

Let’s face it, we all complain about them but we all love them too! Water balloons are the most fun and the perfect way to stay cool on a hot summer day. Now that there are products on the market that allow you to fill them straight from a water hose without having to tie them, they are an easy activity that can keep kids, and adults busy!

4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play and let them play


4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play board games

I know, I know… sitting down to play a board game with your kids seems like it may not be the most fun. Especially when you have to tear them away from their precious phones. So, this summer I decided to try to stick to electronic classics that can keep their electronics side happy while I get my family time.


4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play with flashlight tag

We all know that flashlights are necessary in our home but did you know that they can be used in the most fun game ever! Flashlight tag came about last summer when I was just grasping at straws with what to do with the kids. The rules are simple: each child gets a flashlight to try to ‘tag’ each other with. I put the girls out in my very dark garage, which is also cooler than outside, by the way, and their job is to avoid having a beam land on them! This can get really hysterical really fast! With kids dodging and moving from one place to another, be sure there is nothing they can trip on before the lights go out.

4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play with laughter

These 4 Activities to Charge Up Summer Play are all a hit with me children and with me. They get to do what kids love: play with bubbles, get splatted with water and play fun games while I get to spend more time with them!

What other activities that you can do at home easily would you add to the list?