My husband came home to the usual evening of merriment, pushing, calling names and heart flipping laughter.  He also happened to notice as dinner was burning and the little one spilled her water all over my leg and the floor, that I had not showered today.

He asked, “Why didn’t you take a shower today?”

And so here is the list that I am laminating and pasting to the fridge to point to when such questions arise in the future:

1)  I got no sleep last night – again – due to a sick four year old, a sleepwalking 5 year old and a super early bird 2 year old.

2)  I woke up late thus starting my day already behind.

3)  I made three assortments of waffles for one child.

4)  My two year old is potty training.  It’s hit and miss.

5)  My sick 4 year old refused her nap but did not refuse to whine – continuously – about how tired she was.

6)  Three words.  Mount. Saint. Laundry.

7)  I no longer have a housekeeper.

8)  My children know this and are on a mission to see me work.

9)  I left early to get my 5 year old from school hoping Whiney McSickerson and Potty Diva would fall asleep in the car.  Did. Not. Happen.

10)  I had to make a bag of popcorn for each child so they each had their own.  Don’t judge me.

11)  I had to go to the bathroom.

12)  I had to feed the fish.  And the dogs.  And my headache.

And the final reason why I have not had time to get a shower today is:

13) You came home, heard that I had a rough day with the kids, announced your tired because you were up all night listening to me deal with our sick four year old, and went to bed.  Leaving me with three kids to put to bed.

Maybe I’ll get one tomorrow.  Right after you serve me breakfast in bed!  :)

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