Some days you just need to break up your life with some fun pictures of dogs. From tiny Pomeranians to active Beagles, and from puppies to senior dogs, these are the 10 Top Dogs you should be following on Instagram.

Check out these 10 Top Dogs to follow on Instagram

Long time readers know about my own furry friends – Bud, Piper, Jack and Joy. Our family just wouldn’t be complete without them. You can read about why I adopted Piper as an older dog, and why despite his missing eye we chose to rescue Jack as well as Piper and Joy. Jack is the real star today. With his own Instagram feed, we’ve made many other furry friends around the world. Check them out to add a little extra brightness to your day.

Top Dog #1

One-Eyed Jack


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Top Dog #2

Dear Winnifred

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Top Dog #3

Doug the Pug

Top Dog #4

Boo the Dog

Top Dog #5

Lizzie and Ally

Top Dog #6


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Top Dog #7

The Secret Life of Troja

Top Dog #8


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Top Dog #9

Lilly the Aussie

Top Dog #10

Hey Its Kula

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I couldn’t leave you with just these 10 top dogs, however, without bringing awareness to Susie’s Senior Dogs. I found them while browsing #DogsofInstagram. If you are looking to adopt and would love a sweet older pet like my Piper, you will love this account.