I have never been to Virginia Beach.  But from what I see on its webpage, it is a place I need to get to lickity split!  Not only for what looks like amazing food and entertainment, but for the the sheer relaxation of sitting on a beach watching the waves pass me by.

So while I may never get there, I am hoping a rich Uncle will appear out of nowhere and fly me there on his private jet just because he is sad that he missed the first 38 years of my life.

I’ll start holding my breath now… no, now…. ok, NOW!

Oh forget it.

Just just in case, here are 10 reason why I NEED to go to Virginia Beach:

1)  Mama needs some normal summer weather.  Not 1oo degrees in the shade with 468% humidity that makes a laughing stock of anyone who takes a shower and thinks they might actually stay clean and sweat free long enough to enjoy it.

2)  I want to curl my toes up under the warm sand of America’s most beautiful beaches and hide the fact that I have not had a pedicure in 7.8 months.

3)  I need to relive my summer camp days and go hiking and kayaking.  Maybe snorkel a little and meet the local… fish.  I want to find buried treasures with my metal detector and stroll along the crest of the waves at dusk, leaving my fading footprints as evidence of my stroll.

4)  I want to taste fresh from the water sea food.   Fish and shrimp for the husband, dressed elegantly up on a plate made just for me.  One I do not have to cook, fix, or clean up later.  Paired with a glass of white wine and a sun set.   Because Virginia Beach has babysitters too, right?

5)  I need to see something new.  And since my rich Uncle flew all of us up in his jet, I want to see something new with my kids.  And have an experience that all of us can have for the first time together.

6)  I want to see if the kids sandcastles that they build in our sand box in the backyard can be duplicated in the biggest sandbox they have ever seen!   Maybe we could build a whole kingdom for the princesses to live in!

7)  I’d like to take the family and stroll through the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.  I want to take pictures of my kids next to marine life that is 2 times their size.  Becuase all too soon, they will be the larger animal.

8)  I want to reconnect with my husband over the sweet smell of the ocean, sipping wine and chatting while our children sleep with the window’s open and the waves singing a private lullaby.

9)  I need to get my retail therapy in.  Strolling lazily through the breezy sunshine taking in the beach attire and seashell necklaces.  Dreaming of a life of retirement that consists of nothing more.

10)  And finally, the most important reason that I need to go to Virginia Beach?  Because I have three children under 5 and a husband that works 70 hours a week with no end in sight.  And I hear if I go away, their screaming demands at me sounds a bit more majestic.

But since I have no rich Uncle and no vacation time in sight, I hope to live vicariously through the pictures on the website, and maybe through you.

Have you been to Virginia Beach?   Tell me what you like about it!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Virginia Beach Tourism blogging program, for a gift card worth $40. For more information on how you can participate, click here.