The holidays are upon us.  Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s.  A lot to cram into one month.  With all of the shopping that needs to be done for family, friends, co – workers, teachers, etcetera, plus the preparation of holiday meals and treats, it is no wonder I need all of January just to recover!  Below are a few holiday survival tips that have helped me through!

10 Holiday Survival Tips

1)  Use the internet!  Get a beautiful and unique holiday card online!  Post your picture, pick a design, and cross this stress off of your list!  As an added bonus, you will wow your friends and family with such beautiful cards!

2)  If you are baking your gifts for neighbors, teachers, and friends, attach the recipe card!  I always mean to ask for a cookie or banana bread recipe but always forget in the bustle.  By attaching it for the recipient, they have a chance to make it a family favorite!

3)  Take a break!  If you are out shopping all day, take time to sit and relax and get off of your feet.  Have a long, easy lunch or a 30 minute break with a hot chocolate.  Let your body rest!

4)  Be like Santa.  Make lists and check them twice!  Lists help me stay on track, get in and out faster, and suppress last minute impulse buys that can really rack up my bill – thus adding more stress!

5)  Indulge a whim!  If you have baked the turkey, iced the pies, and poured the brandies, treat yourself to a pedicure.  A little pampering never hurt anyone and it will give you the energy to check the next holiday “to – do” off your list!  Plus, you’ll have pretty feet!

6)  Use disposable plates!  I know, I know!  It’s Thanksgiving!  But, honestly, when you have 20 people over and they are all using your good china, who do you think has to rewash everything when the nieces and nephews are finished “helping”?  There are so many elegant choices now that will add ease to your day without  taking from your holiday table!

7)  Wrap smart!  Forget pulling out every roll of wrapping paper you own!  Use three or 4 rolls total!  Rotate gifts with the paper and you’ll have a beautifully festive tree without having to clean up 20 rolls of paper!

8)  Use your kids!  Let them help decorate presents with stickers and colors!  Not only will they be original and special, but it will help get your children in the spirit of giving this holiday season, instead of just receiving!

9)  Use your friends!  If I am headed one place and a friend is headed another, I’ll ask her to pick up a gift I need so that I don’t have to make the trip!  And I do the same for her.  That way, instead of hitting the same stores, we can meet in the middle, chat over coffee, exchange gifts, pay each other back, and move on to the next errand!

10)  Keep your beer fridge, wine cooler, or decanters full!  After all of this holiday shopping, joy, and sharing, you may need a little “cheer” yourself!  But drink responsibly and don’t drive.  Ever!

I hope my holiday survival tips help you like they have helped me in the past!  As we gear up I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and a very Happy and Safe New Year!