School starts in one week for my 2 oldest daughters.  One to Kindergarten {hold me} and one back to preschool.  One of my major concerns, as you know, is the first outbreak of lice!

I do not know what I would do if Lice took a turn through this family.  Three little girls with lice having to be picked out is NOT my idea of a good time!

So I am thrilled to know that there are products on the market today that can help repel lice and still allow them to have clean hair!

And that I am even MORE thrilled about is that there is an entire hair care line with natural ingredients, that is laboratory tested, parben free AND is designed for daily use!

Meet Zippity Doo’s!  The haircare line for kids that repels lice and can be used every day!

The complete line includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Gel, Shield Spray, and Leave-In Detangler for children.  And I have to tell you, as far as cleaning and styling go, they work great!  I love the Shield Spray – it makes their hair so shiny!

PLUS, the Shield Spray can be sprayed on surfaces and clothing to also repel lice!  Like hair bows!  How cool is THAT?!

A word of warning, the shampoo is not tear free so make sure the child’s head is tilted back when you rinse!

Another really great thing?  All of the products can be used by you too!

To test the usability of the products, I turned to my 3 year old Sarah.  We washed her hair, careful to keep the Shampoo out of her eyes and then applied the Conditioner.  It really does soften and her hair felt great when we were done.

After I let her hair dry a bit, I added the Leave-In Detangler and combed right through her hair, no problem.

I then used a little bit of the Styling Gel to help keep her style and then sprayed her hair with the Shield Spray.

It took no time to get her hair fixed and styled and she was so impressed with the results that she gave me a silly smile to compliment her look!

I am so happy to have this complete line in my home before the school year starts!  And since I know it works, I can send my girls to school with clean and  protected hair and items that lice can hatch in!

Head to your local Walgreens, CVS, Meijers, or other retailer and stock up on this great lice repelling hair care line NOW!

AND – thanks to the wonderful people at Zippity Doo’s, you can WIN your own line of the products NOW!

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