I got up this morning to face the normal stresses of everyday life.  Things have been rough the last few weeks and every day has an anticipatory feeling of  “what’s next?”

Needless to say, I do not feel like the best mother through it all.  I feel like I have a short fuse, a mean streak, and that I am so busy correcting my children that I am forgetting to hug them.

This morning is a school morning.  I got up, woke up Katie and dealt with her typical “I don’t want to go to school!” whining… while she is dressing to go, mind you… and then woke up Sarah.

She did not want to go to school today either so it took some prodding and dangling playtime in front of her to get her moving.  By the time I got Megan up and dressed, I was already tired of it all.

But I packed their lunch, told them 785 times that it was time to go, and forced them all into the car with the hopes that the protests and whines would stop when we were on our way.

They did.

And then were replaced with the “Why’s?

Lord Help Me.

We got to the school, took the customary 10 minutes to unload with all of their stuff and headed in.  I was thisclose to having just one child for the day so my hurry to get them in was probably evident.

Two kisses and hugs later – and a prayer that they would be returned safely – and Megan and I were headed out.

On the way out I saw their music teacher.  I told her that both girls had put on a “show” for us last night.  They sang all of their songs and danced and we just had a wonderful evening watching them!

She smiled and said, “They are such great kids!  So happy and full of love. You have joyful children!”

MY kids?  Really?

Joyful children.


I wonder where they get that?

Surely not from their home life?  It seems that all we do lately is tell them what they can not do, put them in time out for being mean to their sisters, and have bedtime fights.  The yelling seems constant to me, the punishments endless.  And I worry, daily, if I am killing their childhood spirits.

Apparently not, I suppose.  Since they seem to be so amazing to have in class.

As I mentally thanked God for his grace under my fire with my kids and fought back tears of pride, I thought, “I am really lucky!”

Because not only do I have healthy, beautiful children… I have joyful children.

And I do know what a precious gift that is!