*I received a comped trip to the Wyndham in partnership with New Creative Media and the representing company. All opinions are my own.**

It is no secret that I love to travel. But on a single mom budget, it is hard to pay for the travel associated with getting away. Over the last few years, I have discovered the amazing benefits of staycations in  my very own Houston, TX. A thriving city that is known for it’s world class Medical Center, NASA and more, it also offers amazing museums, the Houston Zoo and attractions the entire family will love. But in such a vast city, how does someone find an awesome hotel that has wonderful service and amenities? This is where my staycation travels benefit you! From experience, I can tell you that the Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor hotel is an awesome place to stay in Houston!

Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor #GoHouston

Perched a little off of I10 in West Houston, this hotel’s doors open to a spacious, modern escape for any busy traveler or family on vacation. The renovations that just set the company back 12 million bucks are apparent and was money well spent. Just walking into the creatively designed lobby and drinking in the spacious bar lifts your spirits and deceives your mind as you battle to remind yourself that you are still in Houston.

Wyndham Houston

As the helpful and smiling staff checked me in, I noticed that the indoor pool was carefully nestled behind foliage and the restaurant was cleverly set away from the main area, ready to feed any craving I had. I made my way to my room thinking that all of the money had to have been spent on the lobby alone.

Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor #GoHouston

I was wrong and as I entered my spacious, very clean, relaxing room, I saw that no expense had been spared. But the most amazing thing about my room was that when I opened the window, I did not see the sprawling freeways and sky-scraping buildings I am used to in Houston, but a lush, tree filled picture of beauty. I honestly could not believe I was in Houston! I did not know that there were hotels with views like this. I was later told that, on the West side of the hotel was a green belt that would never be developed. I can not tell you how awesome it was to get away inside of Houston and feel like you were escaping somewhere green and peaceful!

Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor #GoHouston

The desire to impress guests continued as I started to relax for the night. I wanted to take in a movie and soak in a bubble bath. I learned that the hotel has a movie night package complete with the movie, dinner and even a special movie cart that delivers to your room! Choose popcorn, candy and more and then curl up on the comfortable bed and take in a night of relaxation away from home! For kids, use this to put them into a quiet state while you put your feet up as well!

Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor #GoHouston

I left the Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor relaxed and happy and feeling like I really got away!

Hotels are a dime a dozen. But hotels that have the whole package – price, style, amenities and special packages for that relaxing night are far and few between! Whether you live in Houston or the surrounding areas or are traveling this way for business or pleassure, this hotel will make you feel welcome and spoiled the entire time you are there!

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