I don’t think there is any day when a child can not use their imagination enough.  In fact, finding new ways to help my kids think things through and accomplish something using their mind is a great passion of mine.  As we move to balance TV time and creativity time this summer, Wummelbox is on the top of the list of innovative, fun products meant to grow their imagination.


Wummelbox is a company that creates European style arts and crafts for kids.  They inspire learning, creativity and exploration.  In the box are all of the materials needed to create something amazing and all you have to do it open it up and explore and create with your kids!

Each Wummelbox is based on a theme.  Nutrition, Music (this is the one we received), Color and Light.  And every box has enough materials to create 3 -4 projects each.  Which is perfect for my three daughters.

We received our About the Sound of Music Box and opened it up.  Everything inside was nicely wrapped and sectioned so that we knew which material went with each craft.  I assigned the drum to Katie, the ‘shakers’ to Megan and the chimes to Sarah.  Megan and Katie went on with their crafts with gusto.  But I had to help Sarah.


Her craft came with thread to use to hang her chimes and it was thin.  It kept breaking.  But it was no big deal. I just found some thicker string and we were playing our instruments in no time!

Now, I know that there are other craft box companies out there.  And we have loved them all.  But what I really like about Wummelbox is the absolute clarity of the craft, the use of the craft to promote educational growth and the high quality materials.  Except for the thread, the drum cover, the canisters for the shakers and the chimes were real – not fake plastic like some boxes -and they all have help up to my kids play today.

Wummelbox is easily purchased and deliverable to you on a monthly basis.  Perfect for summer, get a box promoting education, creativity and fun every month!  GREAT for those of us moms who are never quite sure what to do with our kids past the first month.


I, personally, would absolutely order another Wummelbox.  It was great interaction with my kids and it holds their interest to this day!

Check out how to get your Wummelbox on their website and come back and tell me what you think!

**I received this product for review purposes only.  All opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**