About a month ago, I closed my eyes, said a prayer and leaped into the unknown world to WordPress.org!

After attending my very first Houston Blogging Chics meeting, I was convinced that if I wanted my blog to grow and be something I could continue to work on like a professional blogger, I had to leave Blogger.com behind.  Not because they were terrible – I actually liked Blogger – but because I could protect my site better, work with it easier and monetize more completely with WordPress.org.

So I got home that evening and started asking around on Twitter for recommendations of who could move my blog for me.  I did not know code, I had never worked on WordPress, and I was a scardy pants.  So I had to have someone do it for me!

So many people recommended RFEHosting.com that I had to check them out. I contacted Aaron at RFE Hosting at 4pm and by 9pm, he was moving my blog!

All I did was sit on chat and answer questions that he might have had.  And I networked while I waited!  By the time he was done, I was up and running. And then he spent another 2 hours showing me how to work WordPress.org!

And Aaron has spent countless hours answering my questions – even at midnight – since the transfer.  Which I love!  Because sometimes, Lori needs alotta help!

Once I was moved, my amazing designer, Erin with Samantha Day’s Blogger Designs updated my header and buttons for a fresh new look!  And I think she did an amazing job!

In this past month, I have learned what the rave about WordPress.org is.  I love it’s flexibility, extra security plug ins, automatic giveaway winner plug ins and on and on.  And I LOVE the ease in responding to and managing comments!

And my traffic has increased.  I do not know if it is the move and that my blog is easier to read or that I can connect easier with my readers now, but I love that it is steadily increasing!

So if you are sitting on the fence, I’d like to nudge you over.  And be sure to get in touch with Aaron (@RFEHosting on Twitter) and Erin (@erinsgobragh on Twitter) to help make your move as seamless as mine was… and to get continued support even after your move!

And thank you to my many helpers!