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Last year I let my daughter buy her lunch at school.  She saw it as a novelty, something new and fun after years in preschool where I made her lunch every day.  But this year, having "done that", she wants me to make her lunch every day.  While great on my pocketbook, my imagination on fun lunches is sometimes stretched!  Luckily, I have Wonder bread and the awesome The Sandwich Wonder-izer to help me in my quest to make lunchtime fun every day!

For 90 years, Wonder bread has lined lunchboxes all over with high quality, delicious breads.  And their new Smartwhite for Kids is no different!  Marrying the softness of white bread and the nutritional values that kids need, Smartwhite solves the age old worry of too many calories and sugar that can be in some white breads!  With only 50 calories a slice, it is baked with no high fructose corn syrup and offers the same calcium as in an 8 ounce glass of milk! Why not give your kids 100% Whole Wheat goodness with the texture of white bread they love?

I think it is well worth the trip to my Hostess Store to get this bread!

But no matter how good the product is, kids get bored!  At least mine do!  So I am tying to be more creative and fun with their lunchboxes.  Using the Sandwich Wonderizer, I can start from scratch to come up with fun sandwich ideas or select a pre-made sandwich to make.  Either way, I can offer my kids something new almost every day!

I like to create so I purchased my Wonder bread and headed home.  My kids LOVE meats so I decided to make a roast beef, ham and provolone cheese sandwich.  Now I know this is pretty basic but, honestly, with the great flavor of Wonder bread you really don't need a lot of extras.  Besides, I knew that my kids would eat this when I was not watching – lunchtime – and I would too!  

I built my sandwich like any other one.  A little mayo, stack the roast beef, later with cheese and then add the ham.  Cut it into triangles and put it in a baggie.  Add juice, some fruit and a veggie and you have the perfect, fun lunch for your kids.  At least for one day!  

Next time you are in the store pick up a loaf of NEW Wonder bread Smartwhite for Kids!  Build a new sandwich with the Wonderizer and treat your kids every day to something new and fun!



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