Welcome to an AWESOME Contest and Review!!

JEREMY PLAYS GUITAR wants to write a holiday song for you!!  They REALLY want to.

Send them a story about your family’s holiday tradition, a special holiday moment, a holiday challenge, or holiday fun and they will write a song all about it! Your kids will love having a special song all about them. 

The winner of the HOLIDAY CONTEST will receive a customized cd with a personalized song along with the award winning cd “Use Your Words” and the storybook/cd set ‘Give Me A Break’.   Your personalized cd will be a special part of your holidays for years to come!! 

All Entries are due by December 15, 2010.  Send your story to info@jeremyplaysguitar.com or visit our website at www.jeremyplaysguitar.com.  

Check out other personalized songs we have written at www.jeremyplaysguitar.com/songofthemonth.

“Give Me A Break” Book/ CD Review and “Use Your Words” CD Review

Jeremy Plays Guitar is my new favorite discovery!  

The book, “Gimme A Break” caught my attention in a sea of children’s books.  A creatively colorful character named August entertains with his whimsical story of the discovery of what his body telling him to “Give me a break!”, means.   

Follow August as he learns the valuable lesson of knowing when to stop playing and take a break, despite his want to get up and do.  Though his body wants to sing and dance, climb a vine like a monkey, and fly to the moon, his body tells him that he needs to sit still, pay attention, and take it down a notch, so to speak.  

This is the perfect book for a child who can not sit and focus because there are better things to do elsewhere!  AND it comes with an accompanying CD featuring the song,  “Give Me A Break” and audible reading of the book.

This is a fantastic holiday gift!

An even better Holiday gift would be to pair this great book/ cd set with Jeremy Plays Guitar’s latest CD, “Use Your Words”.  

A fun, festive, educational, well played and thought out CD!  These amazing, fun to listen to and understand songs like “House Rules”, “That Food Makes Me Sick”” and “Keep My Cool”, take listeners through manner lessons, self recognition, and self control.  My girls were be bopping around the house song after song and even caught on to some of the lyrics right away!  I know that one of them will soon be telling the other to “Use Your Words”!

The CD, “Use Your Words” comes with a mini- version of the book, “Give Me A Break”.  

These items together will make any child get up and dance, sit down and read, and do it over and over again! But I’ll warn you, you might not be able to help yourself and will be up dancing with your kids too!  

ORDER your copies of “Use Your Words” and “Give Me A Break” CD/ Book sets now!  

Or ENTER BY December 15 to WIN your own personal family’s holiday song!  What an amazing treasure to have year after year!  But HURRY, only 3 days to go!  Get to typing!  And please, tell them that A Day in Motherhood sent you!

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